Copyright by Brian Howard Seibert

Sweyn Forkbeard by L Frolich 1883



11.      “Winters nine we grew        beneath the ground;

                        Under the mountains,         we mighty playmates

                        did strive to do          great deeds of strength:

                        boulders we budged            from their bases.

                                   Anonymous; Grottasongr, Prose Edda (Hollander)

(975)  Sweyn overwintered in Lade and he and Alfled seldom left their master suite and even more seldomly left their longhall.  They focked their way through the cold weather and when spring’s new growth started, there was new growth starting in Alfled’s belly as well.  One day Eirik came to his longhall and invited Sweyn to a private party at Haakon’s hall.  He had invited a local farmer and his family to stay over and the farmer had some daughters in need of entertaining.  “Haakon has decided to give you the choice girl, the virgin,” Eirik explained.  “It is a great honour.  Alfled has seen these before and will understand.”

When Sweyn asked Alfled about the party, she said she was now Haakon’s daughter and had to respect his wishes, “and so should you,” she said.  So Sweyn went over and he met the farmer and his wife and family and they told him that Jarl Haakon was paying them a great honour by having them as his guests.  His three daughters were lovely and barely of marriageable age.  Haakon had a fine feast prepared with wine for the adults and juices for the girls.  At the end of the evening, Haakon offered the farmer and his wife the master suite and he offered the daughters small bed chambers next to the suite.  The bed chambers were no bigger than the bed within them with sliding doors across the length of them for privacy.  The farmer and his wife tucked their girls into bed and then took full advantage of the finery in the master suite as the Jarls and the prince sat at the highseats and drank.

The men could hear the girls sleeping in their bed chambers and their parents focking in the master suite.  Once they’d had their fill of ale, Haakon led them to the bed chambers and they stripped naked and entered their assigned chambers and each slipped into bed with their chosen girls and slid the doors shut behind them.  The oldest girl was about sixteen and she woke up to old Haakon as he drove his member deeply into her and began focking as she tried to escape and she started to scream, but Haakon put his hand over her mouth and slapped her until she quieted down, then he got to screwing her hard and fast but he was old and could last a long time so, he rolled her atop him and he had her ride him and he spanked her bum to get her to ride faster and he spanked her bottom until it was red before he finally came inside her.  Then he pulled her toward himself and he began kissing her and kissing her breasts while his member withered inside her.  Then he kissed away her tears because she had been quietly crying the whole time and he kissed her lips and slipped his tongue into her mouth and he massaged her teeth and her soft cheeks before slipping out of her.  Haakon slid down her body and began sucking on her breasts and he did this for a very long time before sliding further down her body and slipping his tongue into another opening.  He lapped up her wetness and sucked on her for a long time and soon she was writhing in excitement and when he slid back up her he found her nipples erect and he sucked on them for a very long time.  He then slid further up her body until his head hit the end wall of the chamber and he pushed her shoulders down the bed until her face was before his hips and he put his member into her mouth and he ordered her to suck it hard again.  She closed her lips around it and she felt it grow in her mouth as she sucked it and Haakon stroked her cheek as she sucked and then he checked it for hardness and he pulled her back up the bed and he inserted his member back within her.  He focked her on his side for a while then pulled her atop him once more and spanked her bum to get her going.  She was soon in orgasm again and was about to stop when Haakon began spanking her bottom again and she rode him some more and even came again, but Haakon couldn’t come again so, he stopped her and pulled her against his chest and he told her to sleep with him inside her so, she slept on his chest, but he soon withered within her and his member fell out of her.

‘How does he do it?’ Haakon thought.  ‘How does he sleep inside Alfled all night long with a stiff member?’  He drifted off a bit with the young girl atop him and, after fourth watch he slipped out from under her and gave her a gentle kiss, then stepped out of the bed chamber and slid the door shut.  He got dressed and crept down the hallway, knocking on doors as he went and soon the men were back at the highseats drinking again.  “How was yours?” he asked Eirik.

“She protested at first, but I soon got her warmed up and she rode me like a knight on a Percheron.  We slept in each other’s arms after that.  I think she’s in love with me.”

“And how was your virgin?” Haakon asked Sweyn.

Sweyn wasn’t sure how Haakon could have known she was a virgin but he said, “She was a virgin alright.  But she was a little bloody before I got myself into her.  I think she was just over her period.  She told me she wanted to have a baby with me.  I told her it wouldn’t work if she’d just finished her period but she wanted to try anyway, so, I obliged her three or four times,” and the jarls laughed.  “Why would she want to have a baby at her age?” Sweyn asked.

“Their family is very poor,” Eirik explained.  “Proud but poor.  If she got pregnant with a farm boy out of wedlock, she’d be ostracized, but if she got pregnant by a prince, she’d be blessed by the gods.  And she knows we’d take care of her and she would never starve.

“Since King Frodi’s great army crushed Norway years ago, it has never been the same.  People go hungry here and only the best farmers thrive.  A poor farmer will always be poor and many of them sell their children into slavery, mostly through your company, rather than see them starve to death, so, it is good that your company is there to save them, but my father invites some of the poorer farmers to dine here and we give them gifts of silver and food to help them get through the winter.”

“And you rape their daughters?” Sweyn asked.

“The parents know,” Haakon answered, “or at least they suspect and choose not to know, what might be going on, and they accept our gifts and they don’t have to sell their children.  Everybody wins.”

“Especially you,” Eirik said to his father, “you miss plundering.”

“I do,” Haakon admitted.  “We used to plunder the Frisian coast when I was young and we’d carry off their women and do whatever we wanted with them and then we’d ransom them back to their husbands and families.  It was great!  We’d go back the next year and carry off more of their women and have our way with them and ransom them back.  Some of those coastal villages were so isolated, I think they wanted us to come back and drive fresh blood into them.  One year we went back and they were all gone.  Professional slavers had come and kidnapped them, men, women and children and they took them all off to the slave markets of Baghdad.  There was nobody left there to ransom them.  It was criminal.  Enslaving people without giving them the opportunity to ransom themselves is just kidnapping.  But that’s what King Frodi’s men did.  Whole villages gone and some of them are still empty to this very day.  That’s what our Norwegian hero, Helgi ‘Arrow Odd’ was fighting against.  Not the plundering, but the kidnapping that was going on under Frodi.  He came back to us while he was fighting Frodi’s legions in Northumbria to save us from Frodi’s lieutenant, Ogmund Eythjofsbane, and his army and he beat the Danes right over yonder in Stiklastad with the help of the warrior maiden Stikla and he stopped the Danes before they could ravage Halogaland.  That’s why the Halogalanders named their land after him.  Helgi means holy and haloga means holy in their Norse dialect.  Oddi had to get back to Northumbria and Stickla had to get back to Halogaland but they spent one night together and they focked so hard, Stikla could hardly walk the next day.  My father, Sigurd, was there and told me about this, and I’ll have to tell you more sometime, so, yes, son, I miss harmless plundering, but what’s being done now, I want no part of.”

“I think our farming couple is getting up now,” Eirik said.  “He mentioned he wanted to get up early so they could get back to the farm and work the field.”

The couple came out of the master suite and they thanked Haakon for his hospitality and the master suite.  They woke up their girls, who seemed to have not slept well.  Haakon had slaves bring in breakfast and they all ate together at one of the tables in the hall.  The farmer’s wife was concerned about some bruises her oldest daughter had on her face.  “Sometimes the bed chambers are cramped,” Haakon explained, “and it’s easy to bang one’s head against the end wall,” and the girl just sat and said nothing.  Sweyn talked a little with the youngest daughter and she was a very nice and polite young thing and he felt sorry that his efforts to give her a baby were likely fruitless.  When the family got ready to leave, Haakon gave them three pieces of silver and some packs of food.  They thanked him for his generosity and then they left.

Prince Sweyn took his dromon warships out for a week of naval manoeuvres and when he returned to his longhall he told Alfled that he was still bothered by the incident with the girl in Haakon’s great hall.  “Don’t worry about it,” Alfled told him.  “Haakon raped the oldest daughter two years ago, and he raped the middle daughter last year so, all three of the girls must have known what was coming.”

“I know the youngest one knew what was going on,” Sweyn said, “because she wanted me to get her pregnant.  She’s the youngest daughter, so she’d be the first one sold into slavery if the family were starving.  Her head had been on the chopping block for years and she was hoping for a royal baby to get it off the block.”

“Are you sure she was on her period?” Alfled asked.

“I have two wives, three now, and I’ve focked them before, during and after their periods.  I know periods and she was just coming off one so, there’s no chance of her getting pregnant.”

“If you’re so worried about it, just go to her and give her a baby now!  Her father’s farm is just a fjord over near the village of Borsa.”

“What if her father says no?”

“Fock her father!” Alfled said, impatiently.  “You’re a Viking!  Just go there now and take her away on your ship for a few days and have your way with her, then take her back home!”

“Next week would be better,” Sweyn said.  “I’d like to give her a prince.”

“Oh sure!” Alfled said.  “Her you want to give a prince and with me you didn’t seem to care if our baby was a girl or a boy!”

“That’s because I love you,” Sweyn said, taking Alfled in his arms and kissing her.  “I’ll love our baby just as much if it’s a boy or a girl.”

“You’re sweet, Sweyn,” she said, kissing him.  She rubbed her growing belly and said, “Let’s go into the bedroom and you can talk to your prince-cess.”

The next day, Captain Bjork and his crew arrived in his Nor’Way ship trailing a knar filled with seax knives and Hraes’ swords, the famous tri-guard swords that Hraegunar Lothbrok had made famous in the east.  The ships from Hraegunarstead sported the Raven Banners of their patron and the black ravens on their red backgrounds danced in the cool spring breeze.  Sweyn paid Bjork in gold for the blades and they loaded the chest of Byzants into the knar and sent it back to Stavanger Fjord.  Bjork and his ship were staying until the Norwegian merchant fleet made the Nor’Way crossing.  “While you’re here,” Sweyn said, “I have a little job for you if you don’t mind a little building project.”

“You need help with that?” Bjork asked, looking to the back of Sweyn’s property.  The spot where a little log cabin had sat the fall before was now covered with longhalls under construction.  “No,” Sweyn said.  “Those are barracks for my troops and sailors.  This will be a special little project that will only take a few days.”

A few days later, two dozen Nor’Way ships arrived from Novgorod with loads of tonstone from Sweden.  Prince Sweyn took his warfleet out for training again and took the new Nor’Way ships out for trials.  They sailed through the next fjord over and Sweyn and Bjork stopped at the young girl, Gudrun’s, farm and Sweyn walked in and asked Gudrun to come sailing with him for a few days.  She rushed to her bed in a corner of the two room house and gathered up some clothes.  Her mother went out and got her father, who began asking what was going on, when Bjork stepped in and asked, “Where would you like your new longhall built?  I have a ship-full of lumber and three days to build it for you.”  And Sweyn took Gudrun by the hand and led her out to his ship.  “You must step over the topstrake of your own free will,” Sweyn said, as she stepped aboard.  “We follow the rules of Hjalmar the Brave here.”  Haakon had been teaching Sweyn more about the Norwegian sagas of Prince Helgi ‘Arrow Odd’ Hraerikson and Sweyn saw much wisdom in the things his uncle had done and the ways that he followed.  They sailed off, leaving Bjork and his Nor’Way ship and crew to build a small longhall for the farmer and his family.  Sweyn and Gudrun were soon down in the furs of the forecastle testing out its roomier new design.

Many of the captains and mates of the Roman dromons in Sweyn’s warfleet were veterans of their war with the Army of the Impalers in Wallachia.  And many of the veterans were former members of the Varangian Guard of Constantinople and had learned their warcraft in the Roman legions of Byzantium.  Some had even trained with Prince Sweyn in the palace grounds of the Emperor, when his mother, Empress Helga had married Constantine Porphyrogennetos the Seventh, and they had killed Roman citizens with their razor sharp swords to get the young prince and the empress out of the Roman city when the mobs rioted over it.  And on the decks of their forecastles stood young cabin girls that the captains slept in at night to keep the Impalers away, so nothing was said, or even noticed, when Prince Sweyn stood at the forestem of one of his new Nor’Way ships and beside him stood young Gudrun, her pale pretty face flushed with the wind and salt spray of the sea.  Sweyn had told her, “Inside of you I find sanctuary,” but she needed no explanation.  She had never been with another man so, to her, his sleeping inside her was just  what  men  do.

Three days later, Prince Sweyn brought Gudrun back to her father and he welcomed them both back to his new longhall.  Bjork had completed the hall and had even started on a new barn.  “I’d like to stay until it’s done,” he told Sweyn, and Sweyn agreed.  Gudrun went down to the ships with him and Sweyn told her, “If you need anything just let me or Alfled know.  I’ll stop by from time to time to see how you’re coming along,” and he kissed her and left.

When Prince Sweyn asked Jarl Haakon if it was time to sail for Hrafnista, Haakon said, “Not yet.  It’s nice here but, when we sail north it will get colder and colder and Varangerfjord will still be covered with ice.  Each year it has been getting a little warmer.  When I was young we had to wait weeks longer before we could sail north.  I’ll let you know when it is time.”

A week later, Haakon and Eirik came to Sweyn’s longhall and told him the merchant fleet would be leaving on the morrow.  Sweyn and Alfled went to bed early so they could spend as much time together as possible.  “When you first left me a year ago,” she started, “I really liked you and I hoped you would come back to me.  I even begged Jarl Haakon to let me fix up your hall.  This year, when you leave me, just know that I now really love you and I’ll pray every day to the Christian and Norse gods that you’ll come back to me.”

“I love you,” Sweyn said, and he kissed her.  There was a chance that they would never see each other again.  The Nor’Way crossing was a dangerous beast to ride and runestones stood in mute testament throughout Scandinavia to just how brutal it could be.  And bringing a new life into this world could be just as dangerous.  The baby’s crossing from womb to world was fraught with deadly perils for both child and mother and runestones stood in their stead as well.  It was with this knowledge that the two lovers parted and it was with his new Nor’Way ship that Prince Sweyn parted the sea.

The men of Hrafnista welcomed their southern cousins once more and many of them had Nor’Way ships and they joined the merchant fleet and awaited the wind in Varangerfjord.  It arrived at last, as it always did, suddenly, violently, and it swept up the fleet and it took them east and for days the Varangians hid under the awnings of their ships as the storm tossed them about and finally the storm grew bored and threw them all, but for two, towards the White Sea.

“That was a rough crossing!” Jarl Haakon shouted across to Sweyn.  “We lost two ships!”

“Who did we lose?” Sweyn shouted back.

“Two independents.  They’re ships were old.  Probably fatigue failure.”

The fleet pulled into Kandalaks Bay and the crews slept on their ships under awnings.  Three days under awnings doing the Nor’Way crossing took a toll on the men and they would have loved to sleep on shore, but it wasn’t spring anymore.  It was cold at night and dangerous on the beaches.  Many local tribes didn’t like traders.  Too many local women had been raped by them.  And if sailors had gold, they wore it.  They had gold rings in their ears and rings upon their fingers and gold chains about their necks and their belts had gold coins stuffed inside them.  There were no banks like in Roman lands so, what a wealthy trader couldn’t bury, he wore, and wealthy captains kept their gold on their ships but they never left them.  The furs and trade goods aboard the ships were as good as gold anyway, so they all slept under the awnings.

Again, Prince Sweyn took the long route via Hawknista, trading with the Permians, steel swords for silver ones, but he didn’t visit Giantland.  There had been no giants or dwarves there the last time he checked so, he paid the locals of Hawknista gold to portage his thirty ships from the Northern Dvina to the Kama River and they rowed hard to catch up with the tail end of the Norwegian fleet at the city of Bulghar on the Volga.  Jarls Haakon and Eirik had their own private route that had seemed to increase the number of sable pelts they carried south by several times.  All the traders had developed their own separate routes with their own sources of pelts or Slav captives and they all had their separate longhalls built at strategic points along the ‘Way’.  As they moved south it got warmer again and they were back in spring and some days were even hot.  Sweyn loaded his ships with Khazar Vayar bound for Baghdad and Constantinople and many Hraes’ stations in between.  He had more ships now and was beginning to compete with the Kievan and Tmutorokan merchant fleets and sometimes disagreements had to be resolved, but he was the Grand Prince of the Hraes’ and the final say was his.

Prince Sweyn met his grandfather in Baghdad and they swapped slaves and some goods and the Prince took a ship-load of Volga Khazar Vayar with him to India.  Sweyn met with Saleem and Anika at the palace of the Caliph and they feasted and enjoyed the entertainment then went to Sweyn’s suite in the palace.  Sweyn poured the two each a glass of wine and then had one himself.  They were not allowed to drink alcohol in the Caliph’s dining room so, they left early and continued entertaining themselves in the Hraes’ suite.  “How did the rapes work out last year?” Sweyn asked.  “Is it easier to love your daughters now?”

“It has removed an…impediment,” Saleem said as she crossed her legs in her chair in a manner that was meant to tempt Sweyn.

“But they’re teens,” Anika added.  “They seem to be good at putting up other impediments, such as spending too much time over at their girlfriends’ homes,” and she, too, crossed her legs, as though competing with Saleem.

“It’s one step forward and two steps back, I’m afraid,” Saleem said, finishing her wine and kneeling down in front of Sweyn’s chair.  Saleem unbuttoned his pants and took Sweyn’s lingam into her mouth as Anika and Sweyn both sipped their wine.  Anika finished her wine and began undressing in front of Sweyn and she slowly started writhing in a most seductive manner, and danced herself over to the bed and laid upon it and started to play with herself.  Once Saleem had completed step eight of nominal congress, she began undressing Sweyn and sent him over to satisfy Anika, who had been working hard at satisfying herself.  Sweyn was glad to help her and he got on top of her and began focking her while Saleem sat in Sweyn’s chair and poured herself more wine and watched.  When her wine was done she went over to Sweyn’s green bag, took out his protection, and walked over to the bed and began undressing.  She was spreading oil on Sweyn’s lamb-gut glove as Anika was moaning orgasmically and then she announced, “It’s my turn,” and Sweyn withdrew from Anika and laid back on the bed next to her as Saleem slipped the glove on his lingam and tied it off carefully.  She then got on the bed and straddled Sweyn’s hips and lowered herself upon his upthrust member.  She savoured him as she lowered herself slowly.  Anika got up off the bed and walked naked around the bed and went to the table and poured herself more wine.  She sipped it as she stood and watched her girlfriend ride Sweyn.  Saleem was soon moaning as well and Sweyn relaxed and was soon flowing inside her.

Prince Sweyn and Saleem and Anika slept by three as often as they could but Caliphate trade often took the women out of Baghdad to some of the surrounding cities.  The two women always travelled together because it was safer, so, they’re daughters ended up staying with their friends a lot.  One night Saffron and Anise showed up at the Hrae’s suite and invited themselves in to visit with Sweyn.  They reminded him that they had promised to dance for him and they put on the silk costumes Sweyn had bought for them the year before, and he watched their slim youthful bodies and drank wine as they prepared to dance for him.  Saffron stood naked in front of him as she slipped into her yellow silk and gold veils and Anise was soon in her silver and gold silk costume as well.  “You’re definitely young women now,” Sweyn said, as they began gyrating seductively in front of him.  He could see they had been practicing.  When they were done, he offered them each a glass of wine and they sat over on the bed and drank as Sweyn undressed in front of them and then joined them on the bed.  He slowly stripped them of their veils, one at a time, and when they were naked he started kissing their young bodies all over as they sat and drank.  Sweyn then took his glove off the headboard of the bed, laid back, and slid it on his long hard lingam.  Saffron gulped back her wine and tied it off as Sweyn had shown her the year before.  She straddled his hips and lowered herself on and she rode him just as her mother had done and Anise sat on the bed and sipped her wine and watched.  When Saffron was sated, Anise put her glass on the headboard and sat upon Sweyn’s glove and rode it until they both came.  They slept together until fourth watch and Sweyn had a Hraes’ driver come around with a carriage and take them back to their friend’s home before sunup.

After that night, whenever Saleem and Anika went out of Baghdad on business, a carriage picked the girls up at their friend’s house at night and returned them before sunup.  At summer’s end, Prince Hraerik returned from India and the merchant fleets sailed north once more.  Prince Hraerik told Sweyn that Silkisif had stopped taking the medicine that he had been giving her and he didn’t think she was going to make it through the winter, so, he invited his grandson to come visit the queen one last time before going to Kiev and Lade.  They sailed together in Prince Hraerik’s shieldship and Sweyn finally got to meet Sinead, the young girl that his grandfather was sleeping in.  She looked older and acted much more mature than she was.  His own Gudrun was three years older than Sinead and did not seem as mature.  He guessed that the young victim of slavers had seen and experienced much more than his young girl.

In Tmutorokan things were much worse than they had expected.  Queen Silkisif was bedridden and her beautiful long blonde hair was silver and she was thin and frail looking.  Sweyn and Hraerik visited with her and she kissed Sweyn goodbye when he had to leave.  “I hope you don’t mind handling my end of the season’s closeout in Kiev,” Hraerik told him.  “I can’t possibly leave Silki now.  Princess Serah knows how to do the books and charge the tithes.  She just needs help handling the captains.”

Sweyn led his fleet of Nor’Way ships around the Crimea and they caught up with the Kievan merchant fleet and passed them going through the portages.  When Prince Sweyn tied off his shieldship at the main quay of Kiev, Princess Serah and his son, Ivar, were there to welcome him home and he told them both the bad news about Queen Silkisif.  A sombre feast was served in King Frodi’s high seat hall and Sweyn and his officers ate the food and ale and Princess Serah made sure they all had accommodations in Kiev.  Serah put Sweyn up in King Frodi’s master suite and when he retired, he soon heard Serah’s gentle tapping at the door.  The princess entered the room and thanked Sweyn for staying and helping with the season closeout and she dropped her robe and stood naked in front of him and Sweyn threw open the sheets and invited her into bed.  He had forgotten just how magnificent her breasts were and he fondled and kissed them as he made Serah comfortable.  “Can I stroke you off?” she asked, as he was sucking on her nipples.  “I’ve stopped breastfeeding so, I won’t be able to sate your thirst, but I can still sate your lust,” and she took his protection kit off the headboard and put oil on his erect lingam and began stroking it with her soft warm hand.  She had to remember the moans she had been working on the year before and she started into them and she found the ones that had made Sweyn go off quickly the year before.  Soon Sweyn was shooting his pulsing wet semen up into the air and Serah opened her mouth in amazement and smiled at Sweyn.  “That is so incredible!” she said and she began licking his belly clean.  “Can we do it again?”

“No!” Sweyn said.  “I want you to suck me hard again and then I want to fock you hard!” and he took his glove out of his kit.  “I want to come inside you and then I want to sleep in your bum.  I kept having dreams about sleeping inside your bum.  I’d be out at sea and I’d have dreams of sleeping inside your rear and it would keep the Impalers at bay.”  So Serah took his lingam between her lips and she began performing nominal congress on him.  Soon he was hard again and he got on top of her and began thrusting deeply into her and he watched her beautiful breasts sway up and down as he drove into her faster.  She began moaning in ecstasy and he realised that her moans sounded like Svia’s and he soon came within her.  He quickly withdrew from her and she untied the glove and put it in the kit.  He was still big but just firm, not hard and he put oil on his lingam and stroked it a few times and got behind Serah and drove his erection up her anus.  He hugged her from behind and he fondled her breasts and he asked, “Did you stroke off the Prince like you were going to?”

“I asked him if I could, but he didn’t want me to.  He was too busy sleeping down at his ship.”

“Well, you can stroke me off anytime you wish,” Sweyn consoled her.  “I love watching the excitement in your eyes when I go off.  Was it an ell and a half this time?”

“At least,” Serah said.  “I love the taste of you my prince,” and she hugged his hands onto her breasts and they went to sleep together.

They worked together all week on closeouts for each trading ship’s captain and, at night, they slept together and Serah took pleasure in stroking off Sweyn and Sweyn took pleasure in focking Serah and then sleeping in her bum.  But one evening, when Serah figured the timing was just right to make a prince, she oiled up Sweyn’s lingam and began stroking it and she told Sweyn she was having mini-orgasms and she asked Sweyn if she could ride him for a few moments and then stroke him off, so, he said he’d love that and she got on him and began bouncing on him and she began moaning but went straight to the moans that drove him wild and he thought for a moment that Svia was riding him in Wallachia and he immediately exploded within her and he thrust deeply into her as he had done with Svia and when she collapsed on him she felt like Svia and then Sweyn said, “Oh, oh, I don’t have my glove on.”

“Serah pulled herself up off his cock and said, “I think it’ll be okay.  I’m pretty near to my period,” she lied.

“Okay,” Sweyn said.  “But if anything comes of this, you’d better make sure the Prince doesn’t sleep down at his ship all the time.

“He doesn’t sleep down there all the time,” Serah said.  “Sometimes it just seems like it, but he always fulfils his husbandly duties and sometimes he even sleeps in my bum.  We love each other, Sweyn.  I just sleep with you to thank you for your friendship, and I stroke you off because I love your taste,” and they both laughed.

Once they had finished the closeout, Sweyn spent some time hunting with his son, Ivar, and showing him some of the secret sword strokes the Varangian guardsmen had taught him in Constantinople and he taught the young man the peculiarities of sailing a Nor’Way ship.  And at night, he and Serah would sleep together and enjoy each other’s tastes.  Too soon, he had to lead his Nor’Way fleet north up the Dnieper and thirty Nor’Way ships beached along a Hraes’ station on the right side of the river.  Sweyn left his officers in charge of the gold and goods and he borrowed horses and took a troop of warriors overland to Chernigov.  They arrived there by evening and were greeted by Princess Svia and his son, Helgi.  A feast had been prepared for his arrival, and Sweyn and his men were afforded all the finest foods and ales and accommodations Chernigov could offer.  After the evening’s entertainment, Sweyn and Svia saw Helgi to his bedroom, then they went to Svia’s palace master suite and Sweyn began undressing.

“Why don’t we sleep down at your ship, like old times?” she asked him.

“My ship’s an hours ride away” he reminded her.  “Why don’t you just fock my brains out and then I’ll sleep inside you?”

So that is what Svia did, knowing full well that Helgi was listening to every sound emanating from the suite through the open planks between the rooms.

In the morning, Sweyn took his son, Helgi, hawking and in the afternoon he checked on his studies and that night he slept with Svia again and they did this for three days, then Sweyn gathered up his men and they rode west, back to the Dnieper River.  They returned the horses and launched their ships and sailed to Smolensk and portaged across to Surazh and stayed there the night and slept in their ships again to protect the gold and goods aboard them.

While Sweyn slept in Surazh, his son Helgi slipped through the boards between his bedroom and the master suite and he joined Svia in bed.  “He sleeps inside you?” Helgi asked.  “It’s just a game we play,” Svia answered.  “It’s nothing,” and she kissed her young man and then he got on top of her and he focked the Sweyn out of her.

In Novgorod, Malfrieda welcomed Sweyn and took him to their son, Valdamar, who was just finishing his studies for the day.  A feast was prepared in the Hraes’ palace and Sweyn and his men again were afforded all the finest foods and ales and Malfrieda made sure they had the best accommodations Novgorod could offer.  After the evening’s entertainment, Sweyn and Malfrieda saw young Valdamar to his bedroom, passed their daughter off to her wet nurse, then they went to Malfrieda’s palace master suite and Sweyn kissed Malfrieda warmly.  She began undressing him and then herself and she took him into their bed and they made love for a long time before he stayed inside her and they slept together.

Prince Sweyn spent a week in Novgorod ordering another two dozen Nor’Way ships and, again, they were to be completed by spring.  He left Malfrieda and Valdamar waving from the quays of the Volkov and they sailed north to Lake Ladoga and took the Neva River to the Gulf of Finland and sailed straight west across the Baltic Sea to Sweden and the Hraes’ trading station in Birka.  Sweyn dropped off some Khazar Vayar at the store and he sent out ships throughout the north with more of the Volga delicacy.  He then visited King Erik and Queen Sigrid ‘the Haughty’, and he gave Sigrid more of the Khavayar and he gave Erik a fine Hraes’ sword that was trimmed in silver and gold.  King Erik really liked the sword, for he was a warrior king of great repute and the blade was a truly fine one.  The Swedish royals thanked Sweyn for the gifts and they allowed Sweyn and his men to ride into the Uppland, where Sweyn bought another load of the pure iron ore and then they rode to Vastmanland, where Sweyn bought another supply of tonstone to be picked up as ballast by his two dozen new ships in the spring.  This tonstone was for export to the alchemists of Gardariki and Damascus and Baghdad.  He didn’t know what they did with it, but his grandfather did and had requested that Sweyn bring some with him the next trading cycle.  He planned to transport it south as the ballast for their ships and when they delivered the tonstone for a good profit, they would replace the ballast with river stones for free.

From Sweden, Sweyn’s fleet sailed to Denmark and sent a gift of silks to King Harald ‘Bluetooth’, but carried on around Norway and dropped Bjork and the iron off at Hraegunarstead.  Sweyn then led his fleet to Trondheim Fjord and the city of Lade and they sailed past Haakon’s huge great hall to Sweyn’s longhall and they began unloading chests of gold and treasure onto the quay in front of it.  Alfled came out to the dock and she was as big as a ran and ready to pop at any time.  “Come speak to your prince-cess she told Sweyn and they went to their master suite and locked the doors and Sweyn laid her down on the edge of the bed and he thrust his member into her and talked to the baby as he focked her with her legs up on his shoulders.  She could not come in her condition, but Sweyn made up for it as he exploded within her and he knew that he had given her a full load and a half.  His warm come was dripping out of Alfled and running onto the floorboards and it disappeared through cracks and flowed under the house.  That night, midwives came and stayed in the longhall and Alfled went into labour the next morning.  The midwives complained, as they worked, that some husband had gummed up the works the night before and they didn’t much like working in come.

“I’ve been at sea trading for eight months,” Sweyn explained to them.  “My balls were as big as apples,” and he unbuttoned his pants and lifted up his cock and showed them his balls.  They were both medical alchemists so, he wasn’t showing them anything they hadn’t seen before.  “I swear they were big as apples last night,” Sweyn said, tucking them back into his pants.  “Alfled did a marvellous job on them last night!”

“Oh, I’ve no doubt they were as big as apples,” the older woman said, “from the mess you’ve left us here!” and the younger woman just stood there with her mouth agape and didn’t say a word.  “Come hold my hand,” Alfled pleaded and Sweyn went up to the head of the bed just after he had seen the baby crowning.  “It has a full head of hair,” he told Alfled.

“Now push!” the midwife ordered and the younger woman felt Alfled’s belly as she pushed.  “You’re crushing my hand,” Sweyn complained as Alfled gave one last push and the baby slid out into the world.  “It’s a girl!” the older midwife announced and the younger woman held the baby while Sweyn took out his seax and waited for the older woman to offer him the cord when she was satisfied that the baby had decided to function on its own.  “Do you have a name for it?” the old woman asked.  “Alfled wants to call her Rowena,” Sweyn answered.  “The baby shall have for her name, Rowena,” the midwife announced to the world.

When the midwife was leaving, Sweyn gave her another piece of gold for putting up with his antics.  “If you’re happy with my young apprentice,” the old midwife said, “You may want to consider tipping her as well.  She’s prepaid for three days with full relief services.”

“Full relief?” Sweyn asked.

“Yes.  And don’t worry, she has her own protection.”

“And do you offer this service as well?”

“Don’t worry.  When I was young and apprenticing, I did my share of relief servicing,” and she smiled a smile that told Sweyn she knew what it was to be desired, and she left.

Sweyn went back to the master suite and saw Alfled breastfeeding little Rowena and the young midwife was giving her tips on feeding.  Sweyn went up to Alfled and kissed both her and the baby on the head.  He then gave the midwife a smile and she smiled back at him.  She was a comely girl in her late twenties with long blonde hair tied in a ponytail and she had the lithe figure of a sexually active female.  The prince went back out into the hallway and walked into the great hall just as Jarls Haakon and Eirik entered.  “Sorry we missed the birth,” Jarl Haakon apologised.  “We had a local farmer and his family visiting.  “We just saw them off and ran into the midwife.  She said you’ve got quite the set of balls!”

“And I could tell she liked your cock, too!” Eirik added.  “She said it was a girl!”

“Alfled named her Rowena!” Sweyn said proudly.

“That’s a fine Anglish name,” Haakon said.  “My daughter, Aud, named after Prince Oddi, will be returning from York soon.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever met her,” Sweyn said, wondering if he had ever been told about her.

“She’s learning the Anglish letters of Alcuin,” Haakon said.  “She’s been working in the Hraes’ trading station there while she studies.  Princess Hraegunhild’s daughter, Alfhild, manages it now.”

“When does she get back?” Sweyn asked, pretty sure he’d never been told of her.

“She’ll be back before winter,” Eirik answered, and Haakon nodded in affirmation.

“Would you gentlemen like some breakfast?” Sweyn asked.

“Gentlemen?  How very Anglish of you,” Haakon laughed.

“We had breakfast with the farmers’ family before we saw them off,” Eirik said.

“We’ve come to see the baby,” Haakon said, so, Sweyn led them into his suite where Alfled was still breastfeeding.  Baby Rowena was suckling at one breast and the midwife was massaging ointment into the nipple of the other breast.  The men stepped forward and studied the baby while the midwife stepped back to afford them a better view.  “How are you feeling?” Haakon asked Alfled.

“I’m a little sore,” Alfled said.  “This little one is trying to suck my other nipple off as well.”

The men all laughed and stepped back so the midwife could get back to work.  “There’s breakfast coming in the hall,” Sweyn told the midwife.  “Can I bring you anything, Alfled?”

“I’m fine.  I think Rowena and I’ll be napping right away.”

“And we’ll be heading back to our hall,” Haakon said.  “We just wanted to see the baby.”

Sweyn was sitting and eating at a table in the hall when the midwife joined him for breakfast.  “My name’s Emma,” she said as she sat down.  “Hi Emma,” Sweyn replied.  “Thanks for helping with the birth.  Alfled seems to get along great with you.”

Emma nodded a welcome and began eating.  After breakfast, Sweyn asked her if he could be relieved and she agreed to it, but wanted to check on the baby first.  Sweyn went to one of the hall side bedrooms and she soon joined him.  “They’re fine,” she said and she went to the edge of the bed, bent over, and flipped her skirt up.  “That’s it,” he said, coming up behind her.  “It’s relief services only,” she said, raising her ass up and spreading her legs.  Sweyn could see she was wearing an internal glove for protection.  He put some oil on his lingam and inserted it into her.  He began thrusting and found it felt rather pleasant and after a time he came within her.  She felt his strong pulsing flow through the thin membrane of her glove and said, “You weren’t kidding when you said your balls were the size of apples.  My glove is overflowing!”  She was looking down between her legs and a puddle was forming on the floor below her.

“Sorry.  I’ll have someone clean that up,” he said.  “You’re a lot sweeter than expected.  Your boss said to tip you if I was happy with your relief services,” and he passed her a gold coin.  “I’ll tip you in advance.”

“Thank you,” she said, “But she’s not my boss.  She owns me.”

“I thought you were her apprentice.”

“I am, but she bought me from my parents when I was fourteen.  I’m her slave so, any tip you give me will go to her.”

“Well,” Sweyn said, “You give her that coin and here is another one just for you.”

“Thanks” she said, smiling.

“I think that’s the first time I’ve seen you smile,” Sweyn said.  “You have a beautiful smile.”

Emma spent the afternoon with Alfled and the baby, stopped for supper with Sweyn and then helped with the baby some more while Alfled ate with her husband.  Sweyn went to bed in the side bedroom early.  Later that night, he was awakened by Emma coming into the room.  She stripped naked and joined him in the bed.  “I thought it was relief only,” Sweyn whispered.  “I won’t tell the boss,” she replied, “if you don’t.”  She felt his naked body next to hers and she reached down and felt him.  “They are big,” she whispered, “but your cock needs work,” and she dove down under the sheets and took it in her mouth and got it just to her liking, then straddled his hips with her legs and lowered herself onto him.  Even with her glove on, she felt supple and yielding and Sweyn was soon coming within her.  She got up to check on the baby and help with the late night feeding, then she rejoined Sweyn in bed.  Sweyn slept in her the rest of the night and she didn’t even ask why.  She was a medical alchemist in a fjord filled with warships full of veterans of the war in Wallachia.  She didn’t have to ask.  They slept together like this for two nights, but on the third, Emma asked Sweyn if it was okay if they slept together without protection.  “But what if you get pregnant?” Sweyn asked.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t mind if I did,” Emma answered.  “I’m almost thirty and the waterclock is dripping.  If I get pregnant by you, perhaps my owner will let me keep the baby.  And if I have a baby by a prince, he will be born free.  She is afraid of you, you know.  She wouldn’t dare try to keep him as her slave.”

“How did you end up being enslaved by her?”

“She was looking for an apprentice to train in the medical guild and she heard that I was considered a very smart young girl, so, she offered my parents three times the price that would be paid for a slave and she told my parents that she would train me to be a medical alchemist.  Under those conditions my parents thought it would be very good experience for me.  Hallveig bought me and the first night she took me home, she raped me and took away my virginity.”

“She raped you?” Sweyn interrupted.  “How could she rape you?”

“She has a horse’s penis that she’s had stuffed and preserved and she put it on herself with a belt and she penetrated me and deflowered me and she moaned and groaned overtop me and she made me do the same.  I was only fourteen and I thought she might beat me so, I did as she ordered.  And I’ve been serving her clients ever since.  When I’m not serving her clients, I’m serving her.  She prefers young girls, but she owns me.”

“This Hallveig sounds like quite the merchant,” Sweyn said.  “I’d be honoured to fock you without protection,” and Sweyn thrust himself in her and began focking her.  If he thought she was fine with a glove in her, he found her exquisite without.  He was driven to new heights of ecstasy and he drove deep within her for a very long time then hugged her close to himself and rolled over on his back and she started riding him without missing stride once.  She rode his steed hard and though they were trying to be quiet, because they were both trying hard to make a baby, quiet became impossible and they were soon moaning in pleasure and Sweyn exploded inside her.

“Are you sure it will be a boy?” Sweyn asked her.

“Tonight is the first of a possible three nights,” Emma answered.  “If the timing had been better, I’d have asked your permission two nights ago.”

“Tell your witch you have to stay another two days,” Sweyn suggested.  “I’ll pay her an extra gold piece.”

“You would do that for me?” Emma asked.

“It will be my pleasure!” Sweyn said.  “Also, I have another birth for your boss to attend to, should she be willing.”

A week later, a messenger arrived and told Sweyn that Gudrun had gone into labour and he got to her father’s new longhall just as Gudrun was giving birth.  This one was a boy and Sweyn took out his seax and cut the cord.  Gudrun named the baby Sweyn, after his father, and was soon breastfeeding the boy.

Sweyn asked Emma if there were any signs that their three nights had accomplished much and she said, although it was too early to be sure, there were definite signs she was with child.  When Sweyn talked with Hallveig about Emma having his baby, she agreed to it under one condition: “I want you to sleep with me,” she said.  “I have never slept with a man,” she admitted and I would like to free myself of my virginity before I die.”

“You told me you did your share of relief service when you were younger,” Sweyn reminded her.

“I lied,” she said.  “It wasn’t required when I was young.  When my competitors started offering relief services, I bought Emma so that I could compete with them.  I have never found a man that I wanted to sleep with until I met you.  Most men I can read like runes, but not you, and that scares me and stirs something within me.”

“Emma and I will both sleep with you once we are done here,” Sweyn offered and when she accepted he paid her more for Emma’s three days of gold service.”

Sweyn and Emma slept together without protection for three more nights while she taught young Gudrun breastfeeding and baby care and helped the rest of her family with their aches and pains.  Once the three days were up, Sweyn took Emma in his Nor’Way ship and sailed north and then east in Trondheim Fjord until they reached the village of Hell, just south of the town of Stjordal, where the witch, Hallveig had her longhall.  They were welcomed by two young girls, who held the hall doors open for them and when Sweyn went inside there were girls from between eight years of age and twelve and there were at least a dozen.  ‘My grandfather would love this place,’ Sweyn thought and then drove the thought from his mind.  “They are my chantreusses,” Hallveig said as she walked up to them.  “They sing for my warlock songs and chant for my spells.”  They had supper together and after a visit, Hallveig and Emma put the girls to bed in their bedchambers and the adults sat and drank wine before going to Hallveig’s master suite.

The three of them all stripped naked on the witch’s huge bed and they began caressing each other and Emma performed nominal congress on Sweyn until he was very hard and she placed towels under Hallveig and Sweyn got on top of her and thrust into her quickly as the blood began flowing.  Sweyn began thrusting in and out of her and, when she began experiencing some pain, he shifted into Emma and they began focking in front of Hallveig.  When Emma had come, Sweyn focused his attention on Hallveig and soon had her moaning in pleasure and they rocked back and forth until Sweyn was flowing inside of her.  They rested for a bit and had more wine and then Hallveig brought out her steed and belted it on.  The horse’s penis was not a new device, as many Norse women had them to pleasure themselves with, but the belt was something Sweyn had not seen before.  Hallveig got on top of Emma and was soon thrusting and moaning and Emma’s legs were up in the air and she was soon moaning in pleasure.  Once Hallveig had brought Emma to orgasm, she looked at Sweyn and had him kneel before her and she thrust the steed up his anus and kept driving it in and out and moaning in a way that had Sweyn growing hard and his lingam was leaking and he pulled Emma in front of him and he drove his lingam up her anus and was soon coming within her as Hallveig was driving him from behind.  Hallveig stopped, exhausted, and Sweyn got on top of her and began focking her until she cried for him to stop, while wrapping her legs around him and forcing him to continue.  He focked her until he came again and he collapsed on top of her as she convulsed orgasmically and cried out in both pain and ecstasy.  Sweyn then slept inside Emma from her front side and Hallveig slept inside Emma from her back.

In the morning Sweyn had sex with Emma and Hallveig again and when he was spent, he strapped on Hallveig’s steed and he had sex once more with the women.  When Hallveig offered to strap it on and ride his rear again, Sweyn said he heard the children up and about and thought he should soon take his leave.

‘There’s something in the water of Trondheim Fjord,’ he thought as he sailed back to his longhall in Lade.

When Prince Sweyn had left Chernigov at the end of the trading season, Prince Helgi once more began slipping into Princess Svia’s master suite and raping her.  After the rapes, Svia would always tell Helgi that, if he returned to his room through the secret passageway, she would forget that it had happened, but Helgi got sloppy and would sometimes leave her room in the early morning and go directly out into the great hall to have breakfast.  Often, servants would see him leaving her room, but he thought the observations of slaves to be of little importance and continued doing it when it served his purpose.

In late fall, Prince Ivar of Kiev heard news from his spies that Prince Helgi was raping his mother in Chernigov.  He sent a messenger to the city to accuse Helgi of the crime and see what his response was and Helgi, without confirming or denying the rumour, told the messenger to tell Ivar that Princess Svia was not their mother, but that the handmaiden Malfrieda was.  The messenger returned to Kiev and gave Prince Ivar Helgi’s response, but added that he talked to the spy, a slave in the Hraes’ palace, and the spy had listened at night outside the doors of Princess Svia’s master suite and had heard focking going on inside, and it was definitely focking, and then Prince Helgi would leave her room in the morning and go for breakfast.

Prince Ivar was doubly troubled by the response and further confirmation of the news.  He was troubled by Prince Helgi’s claim that Princess Svia was not their mother and that the slave, Malfrieda, the mother of their half-brother, Valdamar, was.  The subjects in Novgorod were constantly complaining that their prince was slave spawned and not of the maternal royal stock of his southern half-brothers.  If the people of Kiev and Chernigov learned that their princes were of the same lowly slave spawn stock as Valdamar, they might revolt.  It was a very dangerous claim his brother was making and, true or not, it would have to remain ‘or not’.  And if Prince Helgi was raping Princess Svia, as rumour claimed, then Prince Ivar would have to remove her from Chernigov and bring his mother to the safety of Kiev, where any maternal claims could be controlled.  He sent orders to his spy in Chernigov to provide witnesses, freemen, who could testify against their motherfocking prince and he would discuss this disgrace with his father, Prince Sweyn, when he returned to Kiev in the spring for the next trading cycle.  Meanwhile, he stepped up the training of his Kievan legions.

When Prince Helgi’s spies sent word that Prince Ivar had stepped up training of his two Kievan legions, Helgi stepped up the training of the Drevjane legion he was developing for Chernigov and began constructing a moat around the walls of his city.  He had a channel dug from the Desna River to feed the huge ditch being constructed around the stockade walls of Chernigov, complete with a wooden bridge in front of the main gate and towers of the city.

(976) After the Yuletide celebrations in Lade and Trondheim, Eirik came to visit Sweyn in his longhall and he told him that one of the petty Jarls of the fjord had offended Jarl Haakon during a certain festivity that had been going on.  Jarl Haakon had handled the insult well, not letting on that he was offended, but enough time had passed for him to now take action against the perpetrator, so, he had invited the jarl, his wife and two daughters to his great hall for a weekend visit.  “This is to be a hard rape,” Eirik told Sweyn, “and normally we would handle it ourselves, and not get you involved, but Haakon overindulged during the holidays and is not feeling up for it.  He wanted me to ask for your help.”

“It depends on what you mean by hard rape,” Sweyn replied.

“We only got you involved in what we call a soft rape because there were three daughters involved and Haakon wanted to honour you with the virgin of the three.  It was gentle and only meant to provide the family with some silver so the farmer didn’t have to sell the youngest one to slavers in the spring.  This will be a hard rape, meant to send a message to the petty Jarls of the fjord that respect must be paid to the Ladejarls or there will be consequences.  It won’t be gentle and it will not be pretty.”

“But we won’t have to kill the girls, right?” Sweyn asked.  “Or cut them?”

“No!” Eirik said, laughing.  “This is just to teach them a lesson.  Bruises only.  And if Haakon feels up to it, perhaps the wife shall be raped a bit as well.”

“I don’t like it,” Sweyn admitted, “but I want Haakon to know that I can be counted on when hard measures must be taken.”

“That’s the spirit,” Eirik said.  “They’ll be here Freya’s day evening.”

“Today’s Thorsday,” Sweyn said.  “That’s tomorrow night!”

“I know,” Eirik said.  “Haakon was going to do it, but now he can’t.”

The next evening, Sweyn went over to Haakon’s great longhall and he met the petty Jarl and his wife and daughters and they told him that Jarl Haakon was paying them a great honour by having them as his guests for the weekend.  His two daughters were lovely and barely of marriageable age.  Haakon had a fine feast prepared with wine for the adults and juices for the girls.  At the end of the evening, Haakon offered the Jarl and his wife the master suite and he offered the daughters small bed chambers next to the suite.  The bed chambers were no bigger than the bed within them with sliding doors across the length of them for privacy.  The jarl and his wife tucked their girls into bed and then retired to the master suite as the Jarls and the prince remained in the great hall and sat at the highseats and drank.

The men could hear the girls sleeping in their bed chambers on either side of the master suite and their parents focking in the bedroom.  Once they’d steeled their resolve with mead, Haakon led them to the bed chambers and Sweyn and Eirik stripped naked and entered their assigned chambers.  Slaves slipped into the hall and waited outside the master suite as the royals tore off the bedclothes of the two girls and began slapping and beating them as they wailed in terror.  Their parents came rushing out of the bedroom still naked and the petty Jarl was still hard as he charged out of the room and into the arms of strong slaves who pinned him to a chair and tied him to it and put a gag rag in his mouth.  His cock was still erect as the slaves slapped his wife and sat her naked ass in a chair and tied her off as well, right beside him.  He was starting to go flaccid until Sweyn and Eirik dragged his naked daughters out of the bedchambers and threw them on top of dining tables that the slaves had just dragged out in front of the chairs.  His cock grew stiff again as Sweyn and Eirik thrust their members into the young girls and it immediately became apparent that Sweyn, once again, had been given the virgin of the two, as her blood flowed out upon the table and dripped through the cracks between the boards.

Eirik watched the Jarl’s wife as he was focking the older daughter and he shouted at Sweyn, “I think they were both supposed to be virgins, from the surprised look on her mother’s face!”

“I don’t think it matters now!” Sweyn shouted as he kept thrusting into the younger daughter.  She was crying and in pain, but Sweyn had to impress Haakon, who came into the hallway with two naked slaves who had great stiff members standing out in front of them.  Both parent’s eyes went wide open as the slaves walked in beside him.  Haakon tapped Sweyn and Eirik on the shoulders and they withdrew from the girls and went to their highseats and wrapped their naked bodies in cloaks and sat and drank while the girls screamed as the two slaves sexually assaulted them.  When they had satisfied themselves, Haakon led in another two well-endowed slaves and the assaults were repeated.

“How went the hard rape?” Alfled asked Sweyn the next day.

“It was exhausting,” Sweyn complained.  “Where do we get our drinking water?”

“From the Nidelva River that runs past Jarl Haakon’s longhall,” Alfled answered.  “I think Nidelva means black elves or something.”

“That might explain a lot.”

When the spring Anglish merchant fleet arrived from York and Northumbria they brought Haakon’s daughter, Aud, back with them.  She had been studying the Anglish writing of Alcuin that the monks of York taught students for silver and she had been working in the Hraes’ Trading Station in York castle there.  Aud was a very pretty young woman with bright blond hair and flashing blue eyes and a disarming smile and she was dressed in the Anglish style with a shouldered dress colourfully dyed in a light blue.  Sweyn was with Eirik when they welcomed her home and Aud immediately noticed Sweyn’s forked beard with gold spirals around it.  Many of the Danes in East Anglia sported such beards and it was the latest thing in Denmark.

“This is Sweyn Forkbeard,” Eirik said to his sister as she entered Haakon’s hall.  “He is my blood-brother and a great trader from Kievan Hraes’.”

“My lady,” Sweyn said in the Anglish fashion and he took her hand and kissed it.

“Such fine Anglish manners,” Aud said, impressed, “and such fine Danish looks.”

Haakon welcomed her when she came into the hall and they sat at a table and had lunch and Aud told them of her studies in York.  She was learning the miniscule script of Alcuin and how it was used in the Anglish language, which was just another Norse dialect from the Angles of Denmark.  Aud wanted to begin writing the stories that her father was so adept at telling and she wanted to record the drapas of the many skalds that Haakon supported.  She said she would have brought some books back from York, but that they were all Christian books.

“My grandfather learned the script of Alcuin from one of his students in Ingleheim,” Sweyn told her.  “I have some of his Norse translations of other works in my longhall.  If you’d like to read them, come over sometime.”

“Are they translated from Latin or Greek?” she asked.

“One of them is from the Greek,” Sweyn said, “but one is from Sanskrit and one is from Cathayanese and one is from our own Futhark.”

“I’d love to read them!” Aud said.  “I’ll come visit tomorrow, if that’s okay.”

“I look forward to your visit, my lady,” Sweyn said and he kissed her hand again and Haakon looked on disapprovingly.

When Aud came over to Sweyn’s longhall the next day, Sweyn was about to introduce Aud to Alfled, but they’d already been friends for a few years and Alfled got all the latest news about York from her.  Sweyn gave Aud a copy of the Norse translation of The Art of War by Sun Tzu Wu from the Cathayanese but she wasn’t interested in manuals on war so, he gave her a copy of The Children of Odin translated from Futhark but she wasn’t interested in religious writings so, he gave her a copy of The Kama Sutra by Vatsayaya translated from the Sanskrit and she said, “This is more like it!” and she flipped through the pages and said, “It’s illuminated!”

The three of them sat at a table and Aud read The Kama Sutra to them and Alfled soon had her foot in Sweyn’s crotch from across the table and was toeing his member under the table as Aud was reading.  “It’s getting quite warm in here,” Aud said as she read.  When she got to the chapter on nominal congress things really warmed up as Alfled slipped under the table and took Sweyn’s lingam into her mouth and literally followed Aud’s instructions on how to properly suck a lingam.  Aud lifted the tablecloth and watched Alfled as she was nibbling on Sweyn’s member and she joined her under the table with the book and began kissing it with her.  When they got to step eight, Alfled showed Aud how to swallow up the whole lingam without gagging and let it out again.  It took Aud a few tries before she could overcome the gagging reflex and she was soon taking Sweyn in fully, then disgorging him, then swallowing him up again until Sweyn finally came in her mouth and she swallowed it all down.  The two women then licked him clean and they put his lingam back in his pants and buttoned up the front.

“That was so much better than reading Christian religious texts,” Aud said as the girls came out from under the table and she put the book down.  “I’ll learn to read so much faster this way.  Can I come over tomorrow and read some more?” she asked, looking at both Sweyn and Alfled with soft innocent eyes.

“Come over whenever you are free,” Alfled said and Sweyn agreed.  “I’ve always loved Aud,” Alfled told Sweyn after she’d left.  “She is such a proper young girl.”

‘It’s got to be the Nidelva River water,’ Sweyn thought.