Copyright by Brian Howard Seibert

Princess Sviataslava of Constantinople



5.       “Gold and good hap             we grind for Frodi,

                        A hoard of wealth                 on the wishing-mill;

                        he shall sit on gold,              he shall sleep on down,

                        he shall wake to joy:            well had we ground then!

                                               Anonymous; Grottasongr, Prose Edda

As the spring trading season approached Hraerik told Helga and Silkisif that he was going to Wallachia to fetch Prince Svein.  “Can’t you just send him a message?” Silkisif asked.

“He may not come,” Hraerik answered.  “He’s met someone there.”

“Is it the nun?” Helga asked.

“Yes, it is.  How’d you guess?”

“Theophano told us a nun was spared because she was too beautiful for the count to kill.  I remember when Ivar used to tell me I was so beautiful that, when he first saw me, he fell off his horse.  I didn’t think that would ever happen to Svein.”

“Well, it did,” Hraerik said, then he told them about how Svein had rescued the Roman Princess Sviataslava and carried her all the way back to their camp and into his tent and had focked her.  “She’s mine!” Hraerik said.  “That’s all he told me after.”

“That is so beautiful,” Silkisif said.  “Love at first sight.”

“Is she really that beautiful?” Helga asked.

“She’s quite the looker,” Hraerik confessed.  “A rare beauty for a Roman Princess.  I’m going back there just to take another look at her!”

“I hope Malfrieda understands,” Helga said.

“She’ll have to learn how to share,” Silkisif said.  “Just as we do.”

“But Svein’s always away fighting,” Helga said.

“Hraerik’s always away trading,” Silkisif replied.  “We share him together.  Perhaps that is what they’ll have to do, too.”

“Speaking of sharing,” Hraerik said looking down at his silk sheet.

“Oh, my,” Helga said.  “Let’s take this cock for a walk.”

But Silki pulled her hand back out from under the sheet.  “Oh, my no.  Let’s take this Clyde for a ride.”

‘Nothing beats a morning hard on in Tmutorokan,’ Hraerik thought, as the girls started with some nominal congress to get the Clydesdale sweating.

Much later, Hraerik was in the basement of the medical alchemists hall and he had one of Ivar’s toys with him.  The chariot he had refused to ride and he wheeled it into Count Vlad’s room.  There was a young blonde girl in bed with him and they both sat up and looked at the wheeled chair that Hraerik was pushing into the room.  The girl had fine firm breasts that rode high upon her chest.  “I’ve come to take you back to Wallachia, my count,” Hraerik said.  “And your princess can come if you so desire.”

“What is that thing?” the count asked in a slow lilting Greek.

“It’s a wheeled chair,” Hraerik answered.

“I’ve seen wheeled chairs before,” the count said.  “Four little wheels under four little legs.”

“I was designing my son something new and one day we were out driving our chariots and he was sitting in it and holding one chariot wheel in his hands and he was rocking the chariot back and forth and it was moving back and forth and I suddenly realized that if I made a chair with two large wheels, he could move it on his own.  He could drive it on two wheels only, but I added smaller front wheels to stabilize it anyway.  I told him that chariots don’t need stabilizers because they are attached to horses, but he should try to use them.”

The count was curious by then, so he slid off the bed and into the chair.  “This is amazing!” the count said as he moved himself back and forth and turned in a circle.  “Climb on!” he told the young girl and he took her for a spin around the room as she sat on his lap and they were both naked.  “I can take her with me?” he asked.

“Yes, I bought her for you.  She’s all yours if you want her.”

“Thank you, Hraerik,” the count said.  “She came into my room one morning and she saw that I was hard and she asked me if I wanted her to ride me.  I blinked once and she knew what it meant so, I knew it was you who had sent her.  She could speak our language.  Thank you.”

“The physicians say you’ll get your legs back soon,” Hraerik informed him.  “I’m glad you got the middle one working first.  My wives took mine out for a ride themselves this morning,” and they laughed, except for the girl, who only spoke Norse.

“I’ll teach you Norse on the way there,” Hraerik said to the count.

They sailed for Constanza with a fleet of a dozen war ships and caught a good wind and were there by evening.  Hraerik had a new Hraes’ trading station in the city, but, more importantly he had spies, Roman divers who often travelled to Constantinople and brought back choice bits of information for him.  The underwater breathing system he had developed to recover Ivar’s lost gold worked well and extended the diving depth to almost double what it had been, so he’d invested in the divers and now they executed recovery operations across the Black Sea and into the Mediterranean, recovering valuable cargoes from wrecks that were just tantalisingly beyond the reach of natural divers. So, they brought back news from all over the Eastern Roman Empire as well as the Levant and Egypt.  The company was so successful that Hraerik had opened up a similar operation in Mumba and Myia’s father ran it and they had recovery ships operating from the Persian Gulf to the Strait of Malacca and Cathay was on the books.  Count Vlad was kept in the foredeck of Hraerik’s dromon shield ship while there because the Romans thought him dead and it was a misconception best maintained.

They spent several days in Constanza, then sailed north along the coast to the estuary of a Danube tributary and sailed to Pereslavet where they camped and Hraerik got more news on Bulgaria and Wallachia as well as the Holy Roman Empire of the Franks.  Then they turned into the Danube and sailed to Silistra and camped.  From the racket going on under the foredeck Hraerik determined that Count Vlad and his girl had gotten proficient at having sex in the wheeled chair, especially when the sea rocked the ship just right.  They caught a good wind coming from the east and managed to sail from Silistra to Turnu in one day and turned up the Olt River and camped where their legions had.  Now that they were in Wallachian territory, Vlad could come on deck more often, although he had to hide from his own people as well because news travelled.  From Turnu they sailed to Slatina and Hraerik covered Vlad and his girl in a blanket as they wheeled them into the mayor’s mansion and Hraerik’s girls there.  They were all pregnant, except for the mayor’s wife, and it was not for her lack of trying.  He swore the girls to secrecy, then uncovered the count.  “Count Vladimir!” they gasped in unison and they welcomed their prince into their home.

“Count Vladimir survived his many trials,” Hraerik told them, “and shall be awarded the city of Dragasani for his indomitable spirit.”  The women of the manse all doted over their prince and gave him the guest room to share with his girl.  Then they doted over Hraerik and he slept with the three daughters together so they could spend as much time with each other as possible.  Before he left, Hraerik slipped into the mayor’s wife’s room and made sure he doted on her for a while.  Then the small fleet sailed for Dragasani and were there by afternoon.  The mayor’s mansion there was occupied by the Hraes’ troops holding the town so, they moved out of the upper floor and gave it over to Count Vladimir and his girl and soon the count had people reporting to him and he grew comfortable ruling over a portion of his land once more.  He ruled as Count Valdamar and spoke only Norse even though a few of his people seemed to recognize him.  He did not want assassins coming up from Constantinople to check out rumours of a count that went by Vlad.

The war fleet left Valdy to his city and sailed up the Olt to Ramnic and Hraerik and his fleet were warmly welcomed there.  Prince Svein and Princess Sviataslava came out of the city to meet them and Hraerik thought that the princess was even more beautiful than the last time he had seen her.  He could feel himself hardening up just watching her walk toward him so, he had to look to Svein for a bit.  “Grandfather!” Svein shouted as they approached the ships.  “How are you?  You remember Sviataslava.”

Hraerik gave her a hug and said, “How could I forget!” and he gave Svein a hug as well.  Hraerik spent a few days with Svein in Ramnic and he could see that he was the happiest he had ever been.  And his new wife did not seem to ever leave his side.  They were a couple in love.  A couple who seemed to have rescued each other, Svein had saved Svia from Vlad and Svia had saved Svein from the horrors he had witnessed in Wallachia.  Svein left a full legion of foot and heavy horse in Ramnic under the command of one of his Varangian Guard generals and he took the rest back with him and his new wife to Kiev.  As they sailed down the Danube in Hraerik’s shieldship, Svein pointed out Pereslavet to their south and said, “She is mine! I plan to make all this land mine, all the way to the Black Sea.”

“But this is Bulgar land,” Hraerik reminded him.

“Svia doesn’t want to live in Ramnic.  It has too many bad memories for her and it is too far from the center of my realm.  The gods will provide,” he said, patting his grandfather on the back.  Prince Svein took his fleet north to Kiev and Hraerik kept sailing across the Black Sea and spent time with Silkisif before taking Helga, Malfrieda and Svein’s sons to Kiev with him.

Once in Kiev, Prince Svein sent messengers to the Oka and Volga Rivers to collect the tributes he had demanded from both the Vyatichians and the Volga Bulgars.  The messengers had instructions that if no tributes were forthcoming they were to tell their hosts that Prince Svein says, “I’m coming at you!”

When Prince Hraerik arrived in Kiev with Empress Helga, Malfrieda and young Princes Eyfur and Helgi, Prince Svein was in King Frodi’s highseat hall and he introduced Princess Sviataslava of Constantinople to them.  Svein had taught Svia some Norse, so she could converse with them in their language, but mostly they reverted to Greek and sometimes even Latin, for Svia was fluent in the language of emperors.  Prince Svein and Princess Svia left for Vyatichia before the great fleet arrived from the north because he had a thousand ships and three legions to transport up the Dnieper past Chernigov to the Seim River and they portaged across to the Oka River and attacked the Vyats and sacked the city of Murom.  They enslaved half the populace and took all the valuables.  The Vyatichians told their prince that the Volga Bulgars had taken their tribute by force and were collecting it by order of the Khazars so, Svein allowed them to ransom some of their people on credit to be added to the next year’s tithe.  Then his war fleet sailed down the Oka to the Volga and attacked the city of Bulghar, which they sacked and burned.  They were becoming expert at catching their enemy off guard and just riding through city gates and overcoming the defences.  Again, half the population was enslaved and all valuables were taken and ransoming was encouraged.  The lands around Bulghar were quite rich so, units of heavy cavalry spent weeks riding about the surrounding area in an ever expanding circle to pillage villages and plunder farms.  By the time ships had taken the Vyat plunder back to Kiev and returned, they were refilled with plunder from Bulghar and then refilled once more with plunder from the surrounding area.

The messengers Prince Svein had sent to Khazaria returned after telling them, “I’m coming at you!” and the prince led his war fleet south.  Princess Svia was at Prince Svein’s side throughout, except during battles, and the couple were felt to be bringing the army much luck.  When they arrived at Atil Kazaran, they found the gates all locked and the city comprised three walled segments across the Volga delta so, Svein laid siege to the largest and most commercial section of the city.  They burned the bridges between the city sections so they could not help each other and the Hraes’ attacked the walled section of the one city segment from the riverside with their ship mounted gravity trebuchets and soon had the brick walls smashed down to scaling ladder height and were sacking the district and enslaving the people who were from many different countries and had a lot of trading goods and gold.  Because most of the captives were foreigners, Svein allowed many to return to their homelands with their freedom and allowed many more to be ransomed by the city districts that were not sacked.  Svein just did not have enough ships to transport all the people they had enslaved so, he preferred the silver and gold ransoms being offered for the freedom of relatives.

Prince Svein adorned his Roman princess in captured gold and jewels and her beauty paled the gems that she wore so well.  Svein took his wife through the sacked district and they had sex in plundered palaces and sex in sacked bastions and sex in swaying lookout towers as his heavy horse ravaged the rich vineyards that surrounded the city and amassed booty with which to refill the ships when they returned from Kiev.  Meanwhile Svein and Svia had sex in piles of gold and sex in mounds of silver and they frolicked in mountains of sable pelts.  Then Prince Svein warned the Khazars that they would have to pay a double tithe the next year for all the trouble they had caused the Vyats and the Bulgars and if they didn’t pay it, “I’m coming at you!”

The Hraes troops gathered up the half of the populace they could sell in Baghdad and the medical officers checked them all out before they were taken.  The soldiers stripped the Khazar women so they could be inspected by the physicians.  Prince Svein and Svia rode past the line of naked women while they looked for a building with some privacy and Svia said to her prince, “Did you see those Khazar women?”

Svein said, “Yes, I saw them.  What about them?”

“They’ve all got big breasts, even the girls!”

“Good,” Svein said.  “The Muslims will pay extra for that.  They’ll all be sold as wives or concubines.”

When their transport knars returned from Kiev, they refilled them with plunder and slaves and sailed out into the Caspian Sea and followed the coast to the mouth of the Kuma River and they found a new city called Samandar by the Khazar fortress guarding the river and they sacked both, crushing the Khazar army and pillaging the city.  Their ships were full when they sailed up the Kuma and down the Kuban Rivers to Tmutorokan.

Svein visited with Queen Silkisif as he was passing through and she invited them to stay and visit and she told Svein how beautiful Svia was and she told Svia that Svein had his father’s eyes.  He left her the Gardariki legion he had borrowed and he plied her with much gold and booty for herself and his grandfather then left for Kiev with the rest of the legions and slaves and plunder.  When he got back to Kiev he had a messenger waiting for him from Empress Theophano and the co-Emperors Nikephoros, Basil and Constantine.  They offered him twenty thousand pounds of gold and a co-Emperorship if he would attack Bulgaria for them in the spring.

Once more, Prince Hraerik led the merchant fleet south down the Dnieper River and across the Black Sea.  Captain Biorn led the Christian fleet to Constantinople, Prince Ane led the Hethin fleet to Baghdad, General Wu led a fleet to Cathay and Prince Hraerik led his Aesir fleet to India.  In Gujarat Hraerik learned that the whole province had fallen to the Chaulukyan Empire, save for the Jat city of Ashaval.  He spent two weeks at his Hraes’ station there, staying in Raj’s palace and once more being plied with Jat princesses.  Then he sailed for Mumba and spent a month with his wives and children.

He was in bed with Myia and they were discussing the universe and he told her that he did not believe that time passed by, that everything that happened in the past still existed in its original form, in its original time and that everything in the future would happen in a preordained fashion as if it had already happened before.  Then he told her that he had talked with people from the past and from the future and that this had happened not when he was in his coma, but had happened through the guild in a specific chanting session in Tmutorokan.  He told her that time could be bent towards the past or future and that he communicated with entities from both the past and future and had even linked them together so they could talk directly through him and he often wondered if both time and matter could be bent so he could visit the past or see the future.  He then showed her a book he had brought with him from Tmutorokan.  “It is very ancient,” he said.  “It was written before the time of your ancient Indian Vedas and it is in book form even though books had not yet been invented.”  He passed it to her and she opened it, but could not recognise the script.  “There are eleven books just like it,” he continued, “and with eleven other prophets just like me we can chant and make a connection with the spirits of these people, these entities from the past or future and we can change what has happened in the past or will happen in the future.  I have been told not to tell anyone about my experiences by high members of the guild, but I love you and I think it is something that I must share with you going forward.”

Myia was still examining the book and she said, “What language is this?”

“It is Aramaic, but ancient Chaldean Aramaic.  It is older than Sanskrit.  I had to learn it to be able to do the chants correctly.”

“And the guild gave you this?” Myia asked.  She was concerned because her university was a member of the guild and many of her cosmology instructors were quite high up in the guild.  “I’m not sure I understand what has happened to you.”

“I have talked with Zoroaster in Babylon,”  Hraerik told her.

“But Zoroaster died over two thousand years ago,” she protested.  “He was the original founder of the true god religion.”

“I didn’t talk to the dead Zoroaster,” Hraerik said.  “I talked to the live Zoroaster by bending time over two thousand years and by bending space far greater than the distance between Gardariki and the ruins of Babylon.  Far greater.  That is why I think he still exists in his own time and his own space.”

“You’re not focking with me are you?” she asked, switching from Hindi to the original Swedish for the focking part.  “No.  You wouldn’t.  Not for this.”

“I would never fock with you unless we were in a bed, which we are, but now you’re putting ideas in my head.  It is a good idea,” he said, kissing her and starting to fondle her.  She pushed him away, pretending to be annoyed, but he could tell she liked her idea as well.  “I don’t know what to say,” she said.

“Don’t say anything to anyone else about this,” he said.  “As a reward for being a prophet, they give me drugs that extend my life.  I don’t want to lose that perk.”

“How old are you?” she asked cautiously.

“I’m over a hundred,” he finally told her.

“Oh, my gods!” she said.  “You focked me when I was only eighteen!  And you focked Mahara when she was fourteen!  I’m focking a dead man!” she joked.

“There are lots of people over a hundred,” Hraerik said, apologetically.  “Herodotus wrote about an Ethiopian prince who lived to be a hundred and twenty five and he wrote that over a thousand years ago.  With the medical advances we’ve made since then, I’ll bet there are people living to be a hundred and thirty!”

“I don’t care how old you are,” she said.  “You will always be forty to me.”

“I’m only telling you this because I want to share the drug with you so that you can grow old with me.  I’m sharing the drug with Queen Silkisif right now back in Tmutorokan, but she’ll be stopping it soon so, I’d like to share it with you.”

“How long can you take it?  I mean how old can you expect to get?” she asked.

“Three hundred?” he answered.

“Three hundred years old?” she said.  “Why is Silkisif stopping?”

“She’s converted to Christianity and she wants to go to heaven and share my son, Ivar there with his wife, Empress Helga.  And Helga will be spending every second summer in heaven with Emperor Constantine.”

“King Ivar?  Your son that traded with Maharaja Rajan of Ashaval?  He’s dead!”

“I know!  He’s supposed to be in heaven already.  The Christians have sainted him and everything.  Emperor Constantine is there already too.  He hasn’t been sainted, but he didn’t really have to be.  He was never a bad person like my son was.”

“I know!” Myia agreed.  “Do you know how many children he’s had in Ashaval?  But why would Silkisif give up another two hundred years just to be in heaven earlier?  Wouldn’t she go there anyway after her three hundred years were up?  How can she be so certain there is a heaven?”

“It’s what she believes.  And she wants to share Ivar with Helga and she doesn’t want Helga having Ivar to herself for too long.”

“You’re family’s really focked up, you know.”

“Tell me about it!” Hraerik said, laying back on the bed.  Myia used the opportunity to go under the sheet and perform a bit of nominal congress on him and when he was hard enough and wet enough she mounted him and rode him under the silk sheet and Hraerik thought of the ghost cohort and he forced the thought out of his mind by thinking of the young Jat princesses he’d had while in Ashaval.  She was soon moaning and when she came she began crying out and he exploded within her.  Then she collapsed on the bed beside him and took the silk sheet with her leaving him hard and exposed.  “So, do you want to grow old with me?” he asked again.

“I told you last summer that I was thankful to the universe for my existence, even if it is for the briefest of moments in its vast time and space.  And you’re offering me three times as much?  Of course, I’m going to take it!”  And she threw off her sheet and she leapt on top of him once more and said, “Do you think that hundred year old cock can do it again?”

“I should have warned you, there’s one small side effect of the drug.  It makes you focking randy,” and he grabbed her and started kissing her breasts.

When Prince Hraerik got back to Kiev, he learned of the offer from Constantinople to attack Bulgaria and they discussed it at length on their trip to Tmutorokan to overwinter.  They included Silkisif in their discussion once they arrived in Gardariki.  She always met them at the main quay there when they came.

“I told you Pereslavet was mine,” Svein told Hraerik.  “That the gods would provide.”

“That you did!” Hraerik replied and he told the women what Svein had said on his way back from Wallachia.  Svia had been there and she told them in her broken Norse that Svein had said exactly that.  Hraerik listened to her accent and her choice of Norse words and he thought that she must be a princess.  No common nun would have been taught the languages that she knew, nor would have had the education she’d obviously received.  Malfrieda sat beside Helga on her highseat and held young Helgi, while little Eyfur ran about the hall.  The Roman Princess Sviataslava was officially the mother of the two boys and Malfrieda was their caregiver.  Helga had given Malfrieda her freedom when she had given birth to the boys in Constantinople, but the former handmaiden knew that they were all royals and she was not and that if she left, as she was free to do, her sons would not be leaving with her so, she made the best of it and lived as a caregiver in her sons apartments, while Svia lived with the man she loved in their master bedroom.  It had always been her life, to serve, and she did so dutifully.

They all decided that they should accept the offer and Empress Helga was ecstatic.  Co-Emperorship for Svein meant official acceptance as empress for Helga.  She would not just be an empress because she had married Emperor Constantine.  She would be a mother empress because her son was Emperor Sveinald.  And Hraerik was happy that Helga and Silki were excited about the upcoming war.  If fifteen thousand bonus Roman pounds of gold in the basement made their sex two floors above so much better, what would an additional twenty thousand pounds of gold do?  And they would both be fretting over Svein so, Hraerik proposed to start the campaign early in the new year.  A messenger was sent to Cherson and soon Magistrate Kalokyras arrived with the red gold of Byzantium.  He greeted them and then said to the Prince, “You have yet to request the purification of the last gold we gave you,” to which Hraerik replied, “We don’t really need the gold right now so, we like keeping it red.  It makes the sex above it so much better!”  Kalokyras blushed a bit so, Hraerik quickly asked, “Will you be coming to Bulgaria with us?”

“No, thanks!” the Magistrate said emphatically.  “I wore my brown pants every day in Wallachia and some days I filled them twice!  I told my task masters in Constantinople that my campaign days are over.  The Army of the Impalers never leaves me alone at night.  I still see what they did in my dreams and now I wear brown pants to bed.”

“I’m sorry,” Prince Hraerik said.  He too saw the Army of the Impalers at night when he was out alone at sea.  The ghost cohort had even tried to slip in under silk sheets while he was having sex with his wives, but he had driven them away.  He was even considering buying a slave girl to take to sea with him to drive away the dreams and he suddenly wondered if that was why young Svein took Svia out with him on campaigns.  Maybe they used each other to drive away the dreams.  She must have terrible nightmares, having watched her fellow Orthodox Christians being impaled by the Latins.  He remembered his first wife Gunwar, and how she had awakened to thirty severed heads of princes hanging from her wainscot walls in Liere and the nightmares she’d had because of it.  The scars were piling up like sable hides, rich and luxurious, layer upon layer, but they had all been flayed, torn away bleeding from carcases yet warm.  If he was going to do his three hundred years, he had to find a better place.  He’d thought India might be that place, but he had watched his heaven burn.  He’d have to find Myia a different place.  A different place to call home.

“I need a concubine,” Hraerik told his wives, “a girl to take to sea, to drive away the nightmares of Wallachia that I see.”

“What?” Helga said.

“What nightmares do you see?” Silkisif asked.

“The Army of the Impalers keep coming back for me.  It’s mostly the impalings that I see.  The women and their children naked upon the stakes, dying.  I’m okay when I’m with you two, but I fear for when I’m alone at sea, that the impalers will come for me.  I need someone to crawl into, some woman where I’ll hide.”

“What kind of girl do you need?” Helga asked.

“Yes, what kind of girl?” Silkisif echoed.  “We have thousands in Kiev being trained to be concubines.”

“She must be a virgin, out of respect for you two,” Hraerik said.

“We have hundreds in Kiev,” Silkisif said, adjusting her numbers.

“We have slave girls here,” Hraerik said.  “I’ll leave it up to you girls to pick her out for me.  I’m going back to Wallachia and Bulgaria with Svein and I can’t go there alone.  He’ll have Svia with him and I’ll have to battle the ghosts of the impalers alone and I can’t do that.  And I want to make sure Svein gets a good start on his campaign before I go to Baghdad.”

“We shall find you a princess,” Helga promised.

“Yes, a princess!” Silki said.

All the slave training halls of the Hraes’ Trading Company were in Kiev, but other local companies had training halls in Tmutorokan, so the girls took gold with them and went out shopping.  “I don’t think one of our men came back from Wallachia the same as he went in,” Helga said.  “Not a single one!”

“And poor Magistrate Kalokyras!” Silkisif added.  “He’s shitting his bed at night.”

“I think he was just joking when he said that.”

“Some of our legionnaires are wetting their beds at night,” Silki said.  “And they’re professional soldiers.  Our magistrate is just a bureaucrat.  I think he’s shitting himself at night.”

“You may be right, Silki.  If it has affected our prince like this, he probably is.”

“And Princess Sviataslava…she sticks to Svein like glue, and he to her.  Wallachia must have been terrible for both of them.”

“Thank the gods Count Vladimir is dead!” Helga said.  Silkisif took her to the most reputable slaver in Tmutorokan.  He had purchased a lot of Khazar women from Svein when he came through on his way to Kiev.  He had all his women stripped and he lined them up the length of his hall and back again.  The Khazar women seemed to stand out for some reason and then Silkisif said, “It’s their breasts! They’re huge!”

“I see that,” Helga said.  “We don’t want any blondes,” Helga told the slaver, so he had them dress and leave the hall.  Helga leaned over to Silki and whispered, “We don’t want her to remind him of us.”  Then she told the slaver that the girl must be a virgin and he had most of the girls dress and leave the hall.  There were six girls left and there was one young one with long brown curls and magnificent breasts and the two royals were drawn to her.  She had dark exotic eyes and soft pouting lips.  “You’re certain she’s a virgin?” Helga asked the man.

“Yes.  All my slaves have been checked by a physician and the virgins have been certified.  But this one only speaks Khazar.”

Silkisif asked the girl, “Are you a virgin?” in Khazar.

“Yes,” she answered.  “My family was saving me for a match they’d arranged.”

“Is she a deer woman?” Helga asked Silkisif.  “We need a deer woman or a mare woman.  No elephant yonis for our prince.”

“I’m sorry,” Silkisif apologised to the girl.  “Could you bend over for me?”

The girl bent over and Silkisif put two fingers in her yoni and said, “She’s a deer!  And a virgin!” as she went deeper.  The slaver wanted three gold Byzants for her, but Helga badgered him down to two.  “She only speaks Khazar!” Helga said.  “What Arab prince wants a girl who can only speak Khazar?”

“They don’t buy them to talk to them,” the slaver replied, gruffly, but he dropped his price anyway.

“Hraerik speaks Khazar, doesn’t he?” Helga asked Silkisif.

“He taught me the language,” she replied.  “He said they were our greatest threat and an unwitting ally and he said, ‘always learn the language of your enemy’ so, he taught me to speak Khazar.”

“He’s a very smart man,” Helga said.

“Not smart enough to stay out of Wallachia,” Silki said sadly.

“True that!” Helga said shaking her head and they watched their prize get dressed and they took her home.  The two women had supper with Hraerik in the palace in Gardariki and then they started acting sleepy and suggested they retire early and Hraerik knew something was up.  The girls escorted Hraerik to their master suite and took him into the bedroom and there upon the bed was the young Khazar girl lying naked on the silk sheets.  Silkisif went to get some towels from the dressing room and Helga said, “We want to watch.”

“Only if you join me on the bed,” he said, “and Helga started undressing him as a sign of agreement.  Silkisif came back with towels and she was wearing her silk slip so that she could join him.  “Finish undressing him,” Helga said, slipping of to the dressing room herself.  She came back in wearing a crimson red silk slip that matched her lips and Hraerik marvelled at her graceful beauty.  Hraerik was naked and laying beside the fine breasted girl and the two women began nominal congress on him and got him very hard and wet.  Then they got the Khazar girl to staddle his hips and they guided her onto him and they pulled her down by each shoulder onto him until the blood began flowing upon the towels.  They soon had her rising and falling on Hraerik and Silkisif asked her if she felt any pain in Khazar and she replied, “a little,” and Silkisif said, “my turn!” and she pushed the Khazar girl off and jumped on Hraerik’s steed and showed the girl how it was done.

“You could have at least wiped him off!” Helga complained as she waited for her turn.  And Silkisif laughed in delight and said, “I am wiping him off!” and she rode him harder and began moaning in a way she had learned caused Hraerik to explode and he soon did, within her.

“You took him all!” Helga complained.

“You know he’ll last longer the second time around,” Silki said, throwing herself onto the bed beside him.  “It’s your turn next,” Silkisif said to the girl in Khazar, “and then the blonde witch will take over for you if you feel any pain.”  And the young girl smiled and relaxed a bit.  Helga laid the girl beside Hraerik and she laid herself down next to the girl.  Hraerik turned on his side and began kissing the girl’s sweet soft lips and then he kissed his way down her neck and chest until he reached her beasts and then he began kissing them and he stopped and marvelled at them.  “You girls have outdone yourselves!” he said and began kissing them again.  Helga said, “They are magnificent!” and she gave the free one a gentle squeeze.  “Oh, to be young again!” she whispered to herself.

As Hraerik kissed the girl, he began to get hard again and Silkisif reached around his side and began stroking his lingam with her hand until it was fully erect, then Hraerik got on top of the girl and entered her gently.  He began thrusting, softly at first, but as Hraerik’s passion took hold he began thrusting harder and she began wincing a bit so, Helga pulled Hraerik onto herself and when he began trusting too hard she wrapped her legs around him and reduced his strokes a bit and she showed the girl how to control the flow, the rise and the ebb of it.  Hraerik kept thrusting deeply within her and he was driving her hard for a long time and getting exhausted so she pulled him deep within her and squeezed him and rolled over on top of him and began riding his stallion very quickly and she, too, knew how to get Hraerik going off and she soon came and moaned seductively and Hraerik exploded within her.  She rolled off of him, exhausted and her arm fell atop the young girls breasts and she left it there.  “You’ll have to wear your sheep gut when we’re not with you,” Helga whispered to Hraerik.  “You don’t want to knock her up in Wallachia.  She’ll be throwing up all over your shieldship.”  Hraerik crossed over the two girls and laid between the Khazar girl and Silki and pulled the silk sheets over them all, then went to sleep with them under each arm.  Helga kept her arm acrost the Khazar girl’s breasts and enjoyed their firmness.  They all slept together her first night, three girls, a guy and one big bed.