Note: This website is about Vikings and Varangians and the way they lived over a thousand years ago. The content is as explicit as Vikings of that time were and scenes of violence and sexuality are depicted without reservation or apology. Reader discretion is advised.

Who was King Canute ‘the Great’ Sweynson of England?    Prince Valdamar (Vladimir) ‘The Great’ Sveinson of Kiev.  After conquering England in 1016 AD, he began assembling his Great Empire of the North, next becoming King of Denmark, then King of Norway and then ruler of a large part of Sweden with the remainder of Sweden and Finland as his allies.  By then, his son, Yaroslav ‘the Wise’ was sole ruler of Kievan Rus’, and the Principality of Moskva (Moscow) did not even yet exist.

Who is President Vladimir ‘the Great’ Putin of Russia? He thinks he is Vladimir ‘the Great’ of Kyiv and he wants to begin assembling his Great Empire of the North again. He is beginning with his undeclared and illegal attack upon the Sovereign Nation of Ukraine. But it will not be his last attack. Next will be Belarus, annexed as a Russian Principality with Prince Alexander Lukaschenko as its ruler, then Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will be attacked. If all goes well, then Finland, Sweden and Norway will become involuntary members of the Empire. Working in the opposite order of his predecessor, King Canute, England will be his final crowning achievement. Or will it? Iceland, Greenland and the northern Canadian Territories could be next in order to achieve his goal of a totally ice free Arctic Ocean and then, perhaps, he will offer the Americans $1,000,000 for Alaska, the same price the United States paid the Russians for it when they stole it from Russia after the British victory in the Crimean War.

Below are my posts on the Russian undeclared and illegal attack upon Ukraine. I would call it a war, but wars have to be declared and Putin has never done the honorable thing and declared it, preferring to propagate his lies about the Ukraine being the property of Russia in the first place. Well, Mad Vlad, if you read my book series on the founding of Kievan Rus’, the Ukraine Sovereign State, you will see that they were already a world power before the Principality of Moskva even existed. Your Russia is actually their property and they shall be coming at you!

More to come…