Process Engineering and Design

We specialize in modularized containerizable Natural Gas Refrigeration Plants and Dehyration Packages for the drying of natural gas and the recovery of valuable propane and LPGs.

The Cemara Gas Plant, Indonesia:

Cemara On The Waters Indonesia

The Cemara Gas Plant is located in Cirabon, Java, Indonesia.  It was fabricated in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in sixteen weeks and shipped to Indonesia in containers in four weeks then was installed in four weeks.

Modularized Cemara Gas Plant Indonesia

The end view of the Cemara Gas Plant shows the individual modules that make the plant containerizable for easy and fast shipping anywhere in the world.

The Gurguri Turbo-Expander Gas Plant, Pakistan:

Turbo Epander in NWFP Pakistan

Turbo-Expander Gas Plants are also used for the recovery of propane and ethane from natural gas.  Above is the MOL Pakistan Gurguri Gas Plant located in Karak Province, NWFP, Pakistan.