SCION SONG CHARM  by Ogmund ‘Eythjofsbane’ Tussock

© Copyright by Brian Howard Seibert

Tuning and Chords: Standard for Lyres, Lutes, Tars and Harps

Key: Em7, Strumming Pattern: Folk, Plucking Pattern: Medium

 “I think it has been happening three nights,” Hraerik answered.  “I remember it happening now, as one recollects a dream.  Three nights!  Three nights in a row we have made love.  I should have not come here,” and he sat on the bed with his head in his hands.  “Three nights in a row and you’ll get a Bo.  When did you last have your period, Hervor?”

Hervor answered in a weird Alfhild voice, “Three nights in a row and you’ll get no Mo.”

“Ask her!” Hraerik demanded.  “Ask her when she last had her period,” and Hraerik held out one finger on one hand and five fingers on the other where only Eyfura could see them.

So Princess Eyfura asked Hervor how long it had been.

“Just over two weeks,” she answered.

Then Prince Hraerik recited this verse:

                         “Wait fifteen days,             then three nights in a row

                          Fock your wife                   and you’ll have a Bo.

                          Wait only days,                  and have your way,

                          And a girl will come,        come birthing day.

“It’s a Warlock Song,” the Prince said.  “And why did you wake up?” Hraerik asked Eyfura.  “You were tossing and turning like you were in a trance when I left you.”

“I remember tossing and turning, but then I stopped and I woke up and then I heard a noise in the hallway.”

“What kind of noise?”

“I don’t know.  It was just a noise.”

“Ghosts can’t make noises,” Hraerik explained.  “They can only make you think you’ve heard a noise, so it’s always just a noise, but can never be described.”

“We shall never talk about this again,” Eyfura said, as a shiver coursed through her body.  “Ever!”  And she sent Hraerik back to their room as she escorted Hervor back to the servants’ chambers.

When she got back she found Hraerik asleep in their bed, exhausted.  “Sometimes I think my mother was a witch,” she complained, sliding into bed next to her husband.