THE VARANGIANS (This Series Has Been Retired)


This Book Series Has Been Retired Due To The Illegal and Dispicable Russian Attack Upon Ukraine

All References to Rus’ Have Been Changed to Hraes’ to Show The Original Proper Source And Spelling

This Has Been Done to Ensure All Know That Ukraine Founded Hraes’, not Russia

Hraes’ (Rus’) Was Founded by Danes and Slavs 400 Years Before Muscovite Rus’ Even Existed


Prince Helgi (Oleg) of Kiev was Arrow Odd of Berurjod.  Both heroes historically share a common prophecy:  a poisonous snake shall strike them dead ‘neath the skull of Faxi.  They share the prophecy because they are the same historical person.  Prince Helgi was a Viking and a Varangian (Eastern Viking) who died from the bite of a blood-snake (sword) beneath the skull of his longship, Fair Faxi.  His Norse name was Helgi ‘Arrow Odd’ Hraerikson and his Slav name was Prince Oleg of Kiev, son or relative of Prince Rurik of Novgorod. Below is a Table of Contents of his book and Drop Down Menus for the First Draft Chapters of his story. Please feel free to give the book a read and perhaps comments through this website. During this time of Pandemic it is a living document and future drafts will respect valid critiques.                                                                  

Arrow Odd and his Vikings visiting the Newfoundland of Saint Brendan by V.R.Lambdin




 A Novel By

  Brian Howard Seibert

© Copyright by Brian Howard Seibert

  Kelowna, B.C.


Note: This website is about Vikings and Varangians and the way they lived over a thousand years ago. The content is as explicit as Vikings of that time were and scenes of violence and sexuality are depicted without reservation or apology. Reader discretion is advised.



Chapter 0.1 :  Baby Helgi – Born in a War Zone (c. 839)                     Page 5

Chapter 1 :  Grim Hairy-Cheek Ketilson (c. 840)                                  Page 20

Chapter 2 :  The Sack of Paris of 845                                                      Page 24

Chapter 3 :  The Prophecy (c. 852)                                                          Page 32

Chapter 4 :  The Varangers of Seville (c. 855)                                       Page 37

Chapter 5 :  Oddi and the Nor’Way (c. 856)                                           Page 45

Chapter 6 :  Hilder the Giant (c. 858)                                                      Page 61

Chapter 7 :  The Siege of Constantinople of 860                                   Page 71

Chapter 8 :  The Siege of Kiev (c. 861)                                                    Page 81

Chapter 9 :  Halfdan’s Gift (c. 861)                                                           Page 88

Chapter 10:  Soti’s Gift (c. 861)                                                                 Page 92

Chapter 11:  Hjalmar the Brave (c. 861)                                                 Page 97

Chapter 12:  The Calling Back of the Hraes’ (c. 862)                            Page 101

Chapter 13:  Five Easy Berserks (c. 862)                                                Page 107

Chapter 14:  The Death of Hraegunar Lothbrok (c. 863)                    Page 110

Chapter 15:  Princess Olvor’s Scale-Mail Shirt (c. 864)                        Page 113

Chapter 16:  Holmganger on Samsey (c. 865)                                       Page 129

Chapter 17:  The Hraes’ Attack on Angleland (c. 866)                         Page 141

Chapter 18:  Warlock Songs (c. 866)                                                       Page 156

Chapter 19:  New Ireland, New Scotland, New Angleland (c. 866)   Page 168

Chapter 20:  Valley of the Mound Builders (c. 867)                              Page 175

Chapter 21:  Vignir (c. 868)                                                                        Page 177

Chapter 22:  Tale of Two Cities (c. 869)                                                  Page 184

Chapter 23:  The Cataphracts of Rouen (c. 870)                                   Page 191

Chapter 24:  Geirrod the Giant and Ogmund (c. 875)                           Page 193

Chapter 25:  The Sons of Gardariki (c. 880)                                           Page 202

Chapter 26:  The Barkman (c. 884)                                                          Page 203

Chapter 27:  The Siege of Paris of 885                                                    Page 233

Chapter 28:  Have Sword – Will Travel (c. 886)                                      Page 237

Chapter 29:  King Alf (c. 887)                                                                    Page 253

Chapter 30:  The Second Siege of Kiev (c. 888)                                    Page 263

Chapter 31:  Confrontation with the Caliphate (c. 889)                      Page 267

Chapter 32:  Reconquering the Southern Way (c. 890)                       Page 270

Chapter 33:  The Birth of Ivar the Boneless (c. 896)                            Page 277

Chapter 34:  The Siege of Constantinople of 907                                  Page 290

Chapter 35:  The Roman Treaty of 911                                                   Page 299

Chapter 36:  The Prophecy of Arrow Odd, Part One (c. 911)              Page 309

Chapter 37:  The Prophecy of Arrow Odd, Part Two (c. 912)             Page 312

Appendix A :  Glossary of Terms                                                             Page 351

Appendix B :  Map of Eastern Europe of the Ninth Century             Page 357

© Copyright by Brian Howard Seibert

All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information or storage retrieval system, without permission in writing from the author.

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