Copyright by Brian Howard Seibert

(Circa 870 AD)

Hraegunar Lothbrok’s Raven Banner was carried into the Battle of Hastings by Normans

This Chapter is Another Work in Progress:

Here we shall continue with the story of the nun and her son, the cleric author.  For ten years Duke Hraelauger and Bjorn Ironsides had kept a low profile in Frankia attending to the merchant business of the western end of the Hraes’ Trading Company.  All land north of Rouen had been given to them for keeping Viking raiders out of Frankia, and the area came to be known as Normandy, the land of the Northmen.

I would like to take Oddi’s meeting with the nun his father saved, ‘The Norseman and the Nun’ tale, a little further, where she wants him to meet someone, a young cleric who is writing ecclesiastical works, but is recording ancient poems and tales in his spare time.  Then we learn for the first time that poets and skalds have been writing tales about Oddi in Bjarmaland and that Oddi is famous for having killed giants there.

Paris is supposed to have derived its name from the Parisi, a local Gaulish tribe, but I think it comes from Prince Paris of Troy of the Trojan War.  The people of Paris just pick it for a name after the Roman conquest of Gaul because it is a legendary name and they like it.  But it goes much deeper than that.  Just before the time of Christ, there was a race to conquer territory between the Romans and the Scandinavian Germanic tribes.  The Romans conquered the western Celtic Gauls and the Scandinavians conquered the eastern Celtic Gauls and the two powers battled each other for domination, but neither side could win.  The Scandinavian Germanic tribes originally hailed from Iran, which means Aryan in Persian, and they settled in the Baltic lands in the Bronze Age while trading for British tin via the riverways of Russia.  So, the Danes and Swedes were originally Persians and they worshipped the same gods as the Trojans, Greeks and Romans.

According to the great Roman writer, Virgil, Rome was founded by Trojan refugees of the Trojan War.  But the Trojans were from a Persian background, because Paris is a Persian name based on Pars, a province of Persia.  Paris and Persia are quite similar names.  So, the northern Persians (Vikings) and the southern Persians (Romans) ended up fighting over who gets to conquer the Celts of Germany, France and Britain.  The Scandinavian Vikings end up winning by conquering Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Spain and even North Africa.  Only the Eastern Roman Empire eluded the Scandinavians, but the Siege of Constantinople of 860 was the start of the fall of that Roman edifice.  And Oddi was there to help get it rolling.  See…Paris is more interesting already.