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Inlet Slug Separator in Northern Alberta, Canada

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Oil and Gas Separators           

STL Process Design Oil and Gas Separators are a blend of rugged oilfield type construction and separation efficiency.

The separator design employs centrifugal force in the primary removal of oil/condensate and water from natural gas, then uses Stokes type gravity settling for secondary separation and utilizes a mesh pad or vane type mist extractor for tertiary liquid droplet removal. Third phase construction adds Stokes type gravity settling capabilities to the liquid collection section of the separator enabling efficient separation of oil/condensate and water to occur.

STL Process Design Oil and Gas Separators are constructed according to the API 12J Specification for Oil and Gas Separators, GPSA Section 7, and applicable Industry Codes and Standards.

Configurations Available        

  • Vertical 2-Phase or 3-Phase
  • Horizontal 2-Phase or 3-Phase
  • Gas Flow Rates to 300 MMscf/d
  • Design Pressures to 2220 PSIG.

Performance Options               

  • High Efficiency Sine Mist Extractors
  • Vane Pack (Chevron) Mist Extractors
  • “MisterMesh” Mist Extractors for Higher Capacity & Improved Separation
  • Liquid Coalescing Pads
  • Displacer Baffle Gas Risers
  • Liquid Boots (Horizontal Vessels)
  • Internal Condensate Buckets (Horizontal Vessels)

Enhanced Performance            

  • Standard Design: 10 Micron Nominal Liquid Droplet Removal at 99% Removal Efficiency.
  • Enhanced Design: as low as 1 Micron Absolute Liquid Droplet Removal at Efficiency Rates as high as 99.99%.
  • Guaranteed Condensate Specification w/ addition of Displacer Baffle Gas Riser.
  • Guaranteed Effluent Water Specification w/ addition of Liquid Coalescing Pads.

Engineered Solutions               

STL Process Design verifies all process and mechanical variables on a point by point basis to ensure that package performance meets customer site requirements.

Separator Inquiry Information Form:                                                                                          

Customer Data: 

  • Name:                                                                          Date:                                                  
  • Attn:                                                                           Ph / Email:                                          
  • Process Data:
  1. Gas Volume
    1.                                     MMscfd                     Specific Gravity:               (Air = 1.0)
  2. Liquid Volumes
    1. Condensate:              Barrels/Day              Specific Gravity:               (Water = 1.0)
    2. Water:                        Barrels/Day              Specific Gravity:               (Water = 1.0)
    3. Slug:                           Barrels/Day
  3. Operating Temperature (ºF):                 Maximum                       Minimum
  4. Operating Pressure (PSIG):                 Maximum                       Minimum
  5. H2S Content:                  Mole %                      CO2 Content:                    Mole % Mechanical Data:
  1. Type:         Horizontal                 Vertical
  2. 2-Phase                      3-Phase
  3. Design Pressure:              PSIG @         /           ºF +             “ Corrosion Allowance
  4. Type Mist Extractor (Specify):                                                                                    
  5. Liquid Retention Time:                Minutes (Condensate)               Minutes (Water)
  6. NACE Requirements (Specify):                                                                                    
  7. Stress Relieving (Specify):                                                                                           
  • Package Data:
  1. Gas Metering:                 Yes                  No                   Fitting Type:                          
  2. Recorder:                        Yes                  No                   Recorder Type:                    
  3. Condensate Metering:   Yes                  No                   Meter Type:                           
  4. Water Metering:             Yes                  No                   Meter Type:                           
  5. Utilities Available:                     Phase              Hz                   Volts
  6. Instrumentation:            Pneumatic                  Electronic
  7. Building:           Shed Type              Gable Type           Container Housing