THE VARANGIANS (This Series Has Been Retired)


This Book Series Has Been Retired Due To The Illegal and Dispicable Russian Attack Upon Ukraine

All References to Rus’ Have Been Changed to Hraes’ to Show The Original Proper Source And Spelling

This Has Been Done to Ensure All Know That Ukraine Founded Hraes’, not Russia

Hraes’ (Rus’) Was Founded by Danes and Slavs 400 Years Before Muscovite Rus’ Even Existed




 A Novel By Brian Howard Seibert

© Copyright by Brian Howard Seibert

1984    Kelowna, B.C.

Rurik(Hraerik), Sineus(Hraelauger) and Truvor(Frodi) in Staraya Ladoga by V.M.Vasnetsov

Book One of the five book Varangians Series attempts to place Book Five of the The First Nine Books of the Danish History of Saxo Grammaticaus (c. 1200) into its proper chronological location in history.  In 1984 when I first started the book I had placed the main character, Erik’s/Hraerik’s birth at 800 CE, but have since revised it to 810 to better fit with the timelines of the following books in the series.  Saxo had placed it at the time of Christ’s birth, perhaps so the Peace of Frodi corresponded to the Pax Romana.  Later experts seem to have placed the story at about 400 CE to correspond with the arrival of the Huns on the European scene, however, when Atilla was driven back to Asia, the Huns didn’t just disappear.  They joined the Khazar Empire north of the Caspian Sea and helped the Khazars control the western trade of the Silk Road.

So when Vikings/Varangians started their eighth century incursions into the waterways of present day Russia, King Frodi and his foremost man, Hraerik Hraegunarson, ran smack dab into the Khazar Kaganate that was controlling Silk Road trade there.

Book One, Hraerik’s Saga Bragi, interprets Book Five of Saxo’s work and attempts to illuminate the origins of the name Rus’ and how it evolved in ninth century Russia.

This Book is a Work in Progress but is in its Final Draft. Hraerik ‘Bragi’ Hraegunarson was a Viking and some descriptions may be sexually explicit or violent due to the nature of Viking behavior. Below is a Table of Contents of his book and Drop Down Menus for the Final Draft Chapters of his story. Please feel free to give the book a read and perhaps comments through this website. During this time of Pandemic, it is a living document and future chapters will respect valid critiques where possible. NSA may note that this Book Series is attempting to re-write Danish History as it actually occurred and a similar re-write of American History shall soon be available as well.

                                                            THE VARANGIANS

                                                                   BOOK ONE

                          THE SAGA OF HRAERIK ‘BRAGI’ HRAEGUNARSON

                                        — PRINCE RURIK OF NOVGOROD –


 A Novel By

Brian Howard Seibert

 Kelowna, B.C.


Note: This website is about Vikings and Varangians and the way they lived over a thousand years ago. The content is as explicit as Vikings of that time were and scenes of violence and sexuality are depicted without reservation or apology. Reader discretion is advised.



Hraerik Hraegunarson – Born circa 810 AD

Chapter 1 : The Forging of Tyrfingr (c. 828)                                           Page 5

Chapter 2 : A Fistful of Luck (c. 828)                                                       Page 23

Chapter 3 : The Winning of Fair Faxi (c. 828)                                       Page 39

Chapter 4 : The Northern Way (c. 828)                                                   Page 58

Chapter 5 : Return to Gotar’s Hall (c. 829)                                             Page 84

Chapter 6 : Visit at Hraegunarstead (c. 829)                                          Page 93

Chapter 7 : The Slaughter of Oddi (c. 829)                                            Page 110

Chapter 8 : Landing at Liere (c. 829)                                                       Page 124

Chapter 9 : Confrontation with Grep (c. 829)                                         Page 136

Chapter 10 : The Hand of Gunwar (c. 829)                                            Page 153

Chapter 11 : Battle Upon the Ice  (c. 829)                                               Page 163

Chapter 12 : The Rebirth of Frodi (c.829)                                               Page 175

Chapter 13 : The Winning of Alfhild (c. 830)                                         Page 185

Chapter 14 : Subjugating the Sclavs (c. 831)                                       Page 205

Chapter 15 : Fate of Gotar (c. 831)                                                           Page 221

Chapter 16 : The Khazars (c. 831)                                                           Page 230

Chapter 17 : Dirge of Alfgeir (c. 831)                                                       Page 239

Chapter 18 : Sea of Corpses (c. 831)                                                      Page 254

Chapter 19 : Brother Gregory (c. 831)                                                     Page 264

Chapter 20 :  The Khazar War (c. 831)                                                     Page 271

Chapter 21 : The Southern Way (c. 832)                                                Page 280

Chapter 22 : Trading with the Greeks (c. 833)                                       Page 293

Chapter 23 : Trading with the Arabs (c. 834)                                         Page 308

Chapter 24 : Gardariki; Hraerik’s Keep (c. 835)                                     Page 328

Chapter 25 : The Building of Sarkel (c. 836)                                          Page 338

Chapter 26 : The Nor’Way Revisited (c. 837)                                         Page 346

Chapter 27 : Conflict with the Khazars (c. 838)                                     Page 367

Chapter 28 : The Battle of Sarkel (c. 838)                                              Page 377

Chapter 29 : The Secret Khazars (c. 839)                                              Page 396

Chapter 30 : Escape at Ingleheim (c. 842)                                             Page 407

Chapter 31 : The Fate of Gardariki (c. 844)                                            Page 413

Chapter 32 : Bragi the Old (c. 844)                                                          Page 424

Chapter 33 : Brother Gregory’s Baby/Sack of Paris (c. 844/845)        Page 441

Chapter 34 : The Battle of the Goths and the Huns (c. 846)                Page 451

Postscript : Amleth : The Origins of Hamlet                                            Page 478

Appendix A : Glossary of Terms                                                               Page 481

Appendix B : Map of Eastern Europe of the Ninth Century

© Copyright by Brian Howard Seibert

All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information or storage retrieval system, without permission in writing from the author.

The author wishes to acknowledge his indebtedness to the following works, upon which he has based much of his research and a great deal of his writing:

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