THE AUD SCRIPTORIUM is a medieval scriptorium in Lade, Norway that was started by Aud Haakonsdottir in 980 AD to print and bind books, sagas and poems for Heathen Pagan clients and customers. Many of the books produced were Norse translations of existing popular books from Greek, Persian, Sanskrit and Cathayan texts. They were typically written in Norse in the Miniscule Font of Alcuin on vellum or hand made papers. Many of the books translated include Aud’s commentaries or ‘AUD NOTES’ to update them to the more modern late tenth century standards. The books are now public domain and no longer subject to copyright protection. More books shall be added as time warrants, but the headings of some are listed even though the books have not been modified as a tenth century presentation. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE ANY TITLES COMPLETED FIRST LEAVE A REQUEST FOR THE TITLE IN THE COMMENTS PAGE.

Note: This website is about Vikings and Varangians and the way they lived over a thousand years ago. The content is as explicit as Vikings of that time were and scenes of violence and sexuality are depicted without reservation or apology. Reader discretion is advised.