Gas Dehydration

Modularized TEG Gas Dehydration Unit

Super Dehy in NWFP Pakistan (.05#/MM Water)

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TEG Gas Dehydration Units     

STL Process Design TEG Gas Dehydration Units are a blend of rugged oilfield type construction and separation / dehydration efficiency.

The integral separator design employs centrifugal force in the primary removal of oil/condensate and water from natural gas, then uses Stokes type gravity settling for secondary separation and finally utilizes a mesh pad or vane type mist extractor for tertiary liquid droplet removal. Third phase construction adds Stokes type gravity settling capabilities to the liquid collection section of the separator enabling efficient separation of oil/condensate and water to occur.

The glycol gas dehydrator design employs a contactor with structured packing (or bubble cap trays) to provide intimate contact between the moisture laden natural gas and the dry glycol desiccant. A high efficiency mist extractor is installed at the top of the contactor to limit mechanical glycol losses to less than 0.1 pounds TEG per MMSCF of gas treated.

The glycol regenerator consists of a reboiler, still column, stripping column and surge tank and is equipped with a natural gas fueled flame arrested burner.

The glycol pump is typically a glycol-gas powered unit that utilizes energy from the high pressure rich glycol along with a small amount of high pressure gas to circulate the lean glycol.

All STL Process TEG Gas Dehydration Units are constructed according to the API 12GDU Specification for Glycol-Type Gas Dehydration Units, GPSA Section 20, and other applicable Industry Codes and Standards unless stipulated otherwise.

Standard Dehydration Package Line-up
ContactorReboilerGlycol Pump
16” OD150,000 BTU/hr40 US Gallon/hr
20” OD175,000 BTU/hr90 US Gallon/hr
24” OD250,000 BTU/hr90 US Gallon/hr
30” OD375,000 BTU/hr210 US Gallon/hr
36” OD500,000 BTU/hr450 US Gallon/hr


  • 3-Phase Glycol Flash Separator for reduced TEG losses.
  • 2-Phase Fuel Gas Scrubber.
  • 3rd Phase Controls on TEG Contactor.
  • Carbon Filtration.
  • Standby and electric pump(s).

Enhanced Performance            

  • Standard Design: 4#/MMSCF water content in outlet gas with lean TEG purity of 99.9%.
  • Azeo Stripping high dewpoint depression units (w/ water content in outlet gas as low 0.10#/MMSCF and TEG purities in excess of 99.99%).
  • Azeo Finger TEG regeneration process for increased TEG purity with no stripping gas, decreased emissions, and lower TEG losses (w/ water content in outlet gas as low 2#/MMSCF and TEG purities in excess of 99.7%).
  • Azeo Octane TEG regeneration process for increased TEG purity with no stripping gas, decreased emissions, and lower TEG losses (w/ water content in outlet gas as low 0.05#/MMSCF and TEG purities in excess of 99.999%). .

TEG Dehydration Package Inquiry Information Form:                                                           

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  • Process Data:
  1. Gas Volume:
    1. MMscfd                     Specific Gravity:               (Air = 1.0)
  2. Gas Conditioning:
    1. Water Content / Inlet Gas: # / MMscf (If Unknown, Assumed Saturated)
    2. Water Content / Outlet Gas: # / MMscf
  3. Operating Temperature (ºF): Maximum                       Minimum
  4. Operating Pressure (PSIG): Maximum                       Minimum
  5. H2S Content: Mole %                      CO2 Content:                    Mole %
  • Mechanical Data:
  1. Design Pressure:   PSIG @         /           ºF +             “ Corrosion Allowance
  2. NACE Requirements (Specify):
  3. Stress Relieving (Specify):
  • Package Data:
  1. Flash Tank: Yes                  No
  2. Carbon Filter: Yes                  No
  3. Fuel Gas Scrubber: Yes                  No
  4. Contactor 3rd Phase: Yes                  No
  5. Standby Pump: Yes                  No                   Pump Type:                            
  6. Gas Metering: Yes                  No                   Fitting Type:                          
  7. Recorder: Yes                  No                   Recorder Type:                    
  8. Condensate Metering: Yes                  No                   Meter Type:                           
  9. Water Metering: Yes                  No                   Meter Type:                           
  10. Utilities Available:             Phase              Hz                   Volts
  11. Instrumentation: Pneumatic                  Electronic
  12. Building:             Shed Type                  Gable Type              Container Housed