There are a great many kinds of kisses.  Some of them follow below.


The French Kiss was discovered in Normandy by Hraes’ Vikings from Norway who took Frankish women to wife and soon learned that the Frankish women had talents that made it more beneficial for them to learn the French of their wives than teach them the Norse of their husbands.  Very talented ladies indeed!  For what they did with their tongues in their husband’s mouths was but the tip of the iceberg the Icelanders call Fire and Ice!  Instructions follow below in How to Kiss!


There is Byron of Aberdeen’s “long, long kiss of youth and love.”  A rural suitor kissed his girl repeatedly after this fashion.  When he finally ceased, the tears came into her eyes, and she said, in sad tones: “Ah, Rufus! I fear you have ceased to love me!”  “Oh, no, I haven’t,” he replied, with a wearied air, “but I must breathe!”


Start off by opening your mouth a bit and alert your partner by touching his teeth with the tip of your tongue that you wish him to do likewise.  The moment he opens his mouth just a bit, suck inward and withdraw the air from his mouth and he should start to do likewise.  In a very short while the air will have been entirely drawn out of your mouths.  Your lips will suck together so tightly that there will almost be pain, but still pleasure.  That may sound odd, but it is fact.  Pain can become so excruciating as to become pleasurable.


             Hail! kiss of Mary of Anders, all hail!

             All hail, we sing, for hail is ice in chunks,

             And Mary’s kisses are but chunks of ice.

             Brittle and snappy, with no sign of thaw,

             Or warmth that meets and pins two souls

             Together at the touch of lips.


There is a story told of a light, free-hearted Wessex girl—probably auburn-haired—who, while engaged in the osculatory performance with her lover, swooped down upon him like a summer fog upon a millstone and scooped him in.  She sat in his lap and kissed him with a kissiness which an emotional actress would have given ten years of her life to imitate upon the stage. It was an earthquake of love, a simoon of affection. She kissed him until his back hair smoked.


It is said that in nearly all the famous schools for women there is a special teacher or doctress in physiology, and in the so-called oral recitations the pernicious effects of osculation are considered at great length.  By way of tolerating what seems to be a necessary evil, various theories are advanced and various provisions advocated.  The girl who comes from Smith College, Northampton, kisses on the oblique lines that fall from the left corner of your mouth, but when kissed, is so adroit in the way she jerks her head, that the point of salutation may be found on a radius from the right of her demure little mouth.  The Vassar graduate kisses more than her Smith College friend, but the chin is her choice, as you will observe in an attempt to salute her.  The seniors from Wellesley press their kisses high up on the face, almost under the sweep of the eyelash, and the Forest and Annex maidens kiss at a point equally distant from the nose and ear.


Very peculiar is the kiss of the female cornetist.  A young man who had attended a concert gives his experience.  “I had known her in childhood, when we together hunted the same schoolmaster with bean-blowers, and at the conclusion of her cornet solo I greeted her for the first time in several years.  Of course we kissed each other impulsively.  Good heavens!  That was my mental exclamation.  I felt as though I had been hit with brass knuckles or smacked by a cast-iron image.  I instinctively pressed my handkerchief to my benumbed mouth, and looked for the weapon with which I had been assaulted.  It was the girl’s kiss, however, that I had felt.  Good playing on the cornet depends upon the amount of inflexibility which can be imparted to the upper lip.  Hers had become fairly adamantine.  She had played rather well though.”


There is the “life-teeming kiss,” and, on the other hand, there is the Platonic kiss:

                  But what Platonic kisses were

                    I doubt if Plato ever knew—

                  Not like, my birdie, I infer,

                    The long, sweet kisses I give you,

                  And those you give me back again,

                    Repeated oft, and never done;

                  Not thus, I fancy, could it be

                    Platonic brides were ever won.

As for the gallant Frenchman, he said:

                 Kiss me with some slow, heavy kiss,

                 That plucks the heart out at the lips.


The Romans had different words to distinguish the different kinds of kisses.  A kiss between two friends was called osculum; basium, a kiss of politeness; and suavium, a kiss of love.  The Roman emperors saluted their principal officers by a kiss.  Kissing the mouth or the eyes was the usual compliment upon any happy event.  Soldiers kissed the hand of the general when he quitted his office.  Fathers amongst the Romans had so much delicacy that they never embraced their wives in the presence of their daughters.  Near relatives were allowed to kiss their female kindred on the mouth, but this was done in order to know whether they smelt of wine or not.


Kisses are forced, unwilling, cold, comfortless, frigid and frozen, chaste, timid, rosy, balmy, humid, dewy, trembling, soft, gentle, tender, tempting, fragrant, sacred, hallowed, divine, soothing, joyful, affectionate, delicious, rapturous, deep-drawn and inebriating, ardent, flaming and akin to fire, ravishing, lingering and long.  One also hears of parting, tear-dewed, savory, loathsome, poisonous, treacherous, false, rude, stolen, and great fat noisy kisses.

There is the proud kiss, a pledge of eternal hatred, which strikes the recipient like a falling avalanche of Alpine snow.  There is the icy kiss, which sends your heart into your boots and almost stifles the ebb and flow of one’s life-blood.  There is the frothy kiss, which means nothing, and is common between relations and friends.  There is the hypocritical, or Judas kiss, which gives you a convulsive bang of pretended affection on both cheeks—lips saying, “I am so glad to see you,” etc., and the heart saying, “I dislike you, and if I could show it, I would.”  There is the spiteful kiss, which, whilst it seems teeming with sweetness, would like to impart venom with the embrace.  There is the leather kiss, which gives back to the kisser no more feeling response than the orifice of a gutta-percha speaking-tube, and as comfortless as frozen water to a starved snake; and there is the noisy kiss.

                   There’s a formal kiss of fashion,

                   And a burning kiss of passion,

                   A father’s kiss,

                   A mother’s kiss,

                     And a sister’s kiss to move;

                   There’s a traitor’s kiss of gold,

                   Like a serpent’s clammy fold,

                   A first kiss,

                   A stolen kiss,

                     And the thrilling kiss of love;

                   A meeting kiss,

                   A maiden kiss,

                     A kiss when fond hearts sever,

                   But the saddest kiss

                   On earth is this—

                     A kiss to part forever.

There is the first kiss of love:

            When a youth and maid of demeanor gay,

              But still unversed in impassioned speech,

            Are seen to return from their stroll some day

              With a glorified look in the face of each—

            A look as of mingled life-tides set

              Hence evermore to a common goal—

            You may be sure that their lips have met

              In that kiss which compasseth soul with soul.

Moore of York sings of a lover who taught his sweetheart how to kiss in the dark, and chides her afterwards for her dullness in learning the lesson.

             “Cease, cease,” the blushing girl replied,

               And in her milky arms she caught me;

             “How can you thus your pupil chide?

               You know ’twas in the dark you taught me!”


There is the pleasing punishment of a kiss. In an anonymous poem, a lover tells what he would do to his sweetheart if she offended him; he would whip her with a feather, give her a cross of pearl, and smother her with roses.

                  And if she dared her ‘lips’ to pout,

                    Like many pert young misses,

                  I’d wind my arm her waist about

                    And punish her with kisses.

One of the sweetest poems on the subject of a kiss is after Catullus, the Roman poet:

                 Kiss me softly, and speak to me low,

                   Malice has ever a vigilant ear;

                   What if Malice were lurking near?

                           Kiss me, dear!

                 Kiss me softly, and speak to me low.

                 Kiss me softly, and speak to me low,

                   Envy, too, has a watchful ear;

                   What if Envy should chance to hear?

                           Kiss me dear!

                 Kiss me softly, and speak to me low.

                 Kiss me softly, and speak to me low;

                   Trust me, darling, the time is near,

                   When we may love with never a fear.

                           Kiss me, dear!

                 Kiss me softly, and speak to me low.


 In the spring of 888 it was asserted of Councilor Lewis of Comas, that he was the king of baby-kissers, having reduced baby-kissing to a fine art.  The proceeding was something like this:

First of all, Master Lewis of Comas stands over the baby, and beams on it with his large, tender, hazel eyes. Then, as if moved by a sudden and irresistible impulse of affection, he snatches the little one to his bosom with all the fervor of the deserted stage mother. After pressing it for a moment with head bowed in emotion, he holds it in front of him in a horizontal position, beams once more on the little face; then his head slowly descends, there is an agonizing pause before the big moustache reaches the little lips, the angels hovering about suspend the flapping of their wings, a long-drawn sigh of joy proceeds from the Councilor’s breast, a low, sweet, lingering, honey-suggesting smack is heard—and the deed is done.

There used to be a minstrel ballad describing the wedding of our simian ancestor. It was said:

               The monkey married the baboon’s sister,

               Smacked his lips, and then he kissed her—

               Kissed so hard he raised a blister—

After which, the chronicler asserts:

                           She set up a howl.


There is the kiss after marriage. A story is told of a wife who was scolding her husband because he had found fault with certain conduct of their daughter. The old gentleman lost patience and told her beau:

      You will find, my dear boy, that the dearly-prized kiss,

      Which with rapture you snatched from the half willing miss,

      Is sweeter by far than the legalized kisses

      You give the same girl when you’ve made her a Mrs.


Finally, there is the stolen kiss. The bold lover says:

                Kiss her gently, but be sly,

                Kiss her when there’s no one by,

                Steal your kiss, for then ’tis meetest,

                Stolen kisses are the sweetest.

The more backward swain argues the matter to himself:

                  If I should steal a little kiss,

                    Oh! would she weep, I wonder?

                  I tremble at the thought of bliss—

                  If I should steal a little kiss:

                  Such pouting lips would never miss

                    The dainty bit of plunder;

                  If I should steal a little kiss,

                    Oh! would she weep, I wonder?

                  He longs to steal a kiss of mine—

                    He may, if he’ll return it!

                  If I can read the tender sign,

                  He longs to steal a kiss of mine;

                  “In love and war”—you know the line.

                    Why cannot he discern it?

                  He longs to steal a kiss of mine,

                    He may, if he’ll return it.

And the man of observation has given his experience in the matter:

                 Beneath a shady tree they sat;

                 He held her hand, she held his hat,

                 I held my breath and lay right flat—

                   They kissed—I saw them do it.

                 He held that kissing was no crime;

                 She held her head up every time;

                 I held my peace, and wrote this rhyme,

                   While they thought no one knew it.


A Circassian was walking along one road, and a woman along another.  The roads finally united, and reaching the point of junction at the same time, they walked on together.  The man was carrying a large iron kettle on his back; in one hand he held the legs of a live chicken, in the other a cane, and he was leading a goat.  They neared a dark ravine.  Said the woman: “I am afraid to go through that ravine with you; it is a lonely place, and you might overpower me and kiss me by force.”  Said the man: “How can I possibly overpower you and kiss you by force, when I have this iron kettle on my back, a cane in one hand, a live chicken in the other, and am leading this goat?  I might as well be tied hand and foot.”  “Yes,” replied the woman; “but if you should stick your cane in the ground and tie your goat to it, and turn the kettle bottom upward and put the chicken under, then you might wickedly kiss me in spite of my resistance.”  “Success to thy ingenuity, O woman!” said the rejoicing man to himself; “I should never have thought of this or similar expedients.”  And when they came to the ravine, he stuck his cane into the ground, and tied the goat to it, and gave the chicken to the woman, saying: “Hold it while I cut some grass for the goat,” and then—so runs the legend—lowering the kettle from his shoulders, he put the fowl under it, and wickedly kissed the woman, as she was afraid he would.

AUD NOTES:  The above details on types of kisses do not really provide instructions on how to implement the kisses.  See below for added details:


KISSES:  Are like sex.  Even bad ones are good.  The sensations of a first kiss stay with us for the rest of our lives just as our first sexual encounter does.  And great kissing, like great sex, takes practice, but the practice, of itself, can be great!

1.  Make sure your lips aren’t dry.  Keep them moist with lip colorants and balms, but try not to over-moisten.  The balms make it easier for your lips to glide across your partner’s lips.  A woman will likely be using colorants in situations where kissing might be encountered or required so, make sure you use the moisturizing type.  Your healer can help or your Hraes’ store can provide the latest make-up products from Constantinople, Baghdad or Mumba.

A partner’s smell is a sensual part of kissing and you want to be sure that your own scent takes his breath away.  A light lotion on your skin is a good idea, which will produce a pleasant scent and also make your skin soft and smooth.  Perfume and scents that aren’t too strong are made by taking a bath with soft, natural oils.  Lavender and rose oil extract are popular and romantic.  And don’t forget about your breath, making sure to give your teeth an extra scrub with mints before kissing.  Remember to scrub your tongue, too, and suck on some mints before kissing.

2.  Let your partner start sometimes and get used to his or her ways.  Give each other chances to lead and to follow and experiment with different ways you like to kiss together.  Stand close to each other face to face, with the shorter partner looking up and the taller partner looking down.  Tip toes may be required of the shorter partner and spreading of legs of the taller.

3.  Use your hands while kissing.  Hold your partner gently.  Males, your hands should be around her back, waist, or on the sides of her.  Females, your hands can be in numerous places, such as around his neck, on the sides of his face, on his hips, or on his masculine biceps.  Also you may run your fingers through your partner’s hair; just ensure your hair is clean just in case your partner reciprocates.

4.  Cock your head to your right, your other right, and if your partner follows in like, your noses should be out of alignment and your lips should be in proximity.  Close your eyes just before your lips touch.  A few people like looking into their partner’s eyes when kissing, but most do not, or want to save that for intimate circumstances.  Keep your eyes closed and you may enjoy it more, experiencing the sensations more deeply and letting them carry you off.  Now relax and enjoy that long kiss or the paroxysmal kiss or, if you’re feeling frisky, delve into the French Kiss as detailed below.

5.  Let your partner know when they are doing good.  Softly sigh, moan, or kiss back vigorously when you find what they are doing is pleasurable.  And Girls, if you are holding your partner’s biceps, give them a little squeeze and throw in a moan to drive them on even further.

6.  Kissing can lead to fondling and fondling to stroking and stroking to sex so, be careful with how far you wish kissing to progress.  If your intent is to take kissing all the way into sex, then there are kisses of the eyes and ears and neck that make the transition very interesting.  And then kissing your way across arms and chests and breasts, then down bellies and nether parts would be enough to fill a separate volume on body kisses alone!

7.  So Relax!  As long as you’re both comfortable and at ease, your kisses will be sensational and, with practice, you will master the art of the kiss.

8.  FRENCH KISS:  And just when you were getting relaxed, we return to the French Kiss.  Remember: Don’t drive straight for the throat.  Play with their tongue, touch tips for a bit, caress, fondle and toy with it.  Try to massage your partner’s tongue.  Run your tongue across their teeth, tickle the roof of their mouth, touch their cheek from the nether side and do not bite without training; you could hurt your partner, and, don’t worry, training follows.

If you’re nervous about French Kissing, try not to be!  If the Franks are doing it, how hard can it be?  Just kidding!  It sounds scary because it is a bit more difficult than a regular kiss, but just take it in small steps.  First, start kissing in a basic normal kiss, then slowly open your mouth wider and touch your partner’s tongue softly with yours.  They will likely reciprocate and carry on from there!  Use your tongue the way you want your partner to use theirs and both of you will do fine.

9.  How a Man Might Initiate a Kiss: Smell the perfume of her hair and tell her how sweet it is and tell her it is a rose garden that compliments her beauty.

Kiss her hair first, then kiss her skin beneath it, then traverse the few inches to her ear and brush it with your lips and gauge her passion at this slight touch.  If she seems pleased by it, carry on.  Breathe warmly into her ear, as some women react passionately to this, and give her ear a soft kiss and even a bold lick of the tongue.  If she draws her head away, perhaps you are moving too fast.  Return to her hair and compliment her on it again and look for some sign to begin again, then start once more with less boldness.  From her ear to her neck is another few inches so go forth and explore the nape of it with your lips.  Then move your lips from the nape of her neck to her jaw and gently kiss the lobe of her ear and work your way across her cheek to the corner of her lip.  The lips are one of the main erogenous zones of the body so, if she becomes excited, that is your signal to proceed with a full gentle kiss.  Kiss her as though, at that moment, nothing else exists in the world, but that one kiss.

10.  Tips and Trips:  Just relax and be comfortable with your partner.  Change lip pressures and vary lip speeds to mix up emotions a bit.  More pressure is more passionate.  Less pressure is more intimate. More speed is more passionate and a slower speed more intimate, like you’re wanting the moment to last as long as it can.

Start small, with short, light kisses, lips barely touching upon each other.  Then add passion by applying more pressure and speed and length to each kiss.

Control stress and tension.  If your body becomes tense, your lips will too, and nobody wants to kiss tense lips.

For a first kiss, keep it simple, meeting the upper and lower lips dead on.  One can go further though, lightly kissing only one lip, softly sandwiching one of theirs between both of yours.  This will encourage them to do the same.

For a kiss to be passionate, the eyes should be closed.  An intimate kiss may allow a peak or two.

Breathe through your nose!  Breath silently through your nose!  Or breath slowly into the kiss.  This will create a dramatic and irresistible sensation.  But only if your breath is fresh.  Mints and herbs can help with that.

Be natural.  Practice by putting your lips to the back of your hand.

Be gentle and calm.

If you want to kiss as passionately as possible, without going to a French Kiss, try lightly tracing across your partner’s upper and lower lips with your tongue.  This can be pleasurable without going all the way into a full Frankia.

A kiss is a window into someone’s soul…Candlelight can provide a proper setting.

Kisses intoxicate…perhaps wine may help as well.

What women love about kissing: It is romantically involving; a sharing of someone’s space; being held close while kissing makes me feel fragile and precious; and may be a reflection on past sex with partner while kissing…

Trips:  Make sure your mouth is clean and fresh.  Don’t forget to breathe!  Keep your eyes closed.  Don’t open your mouth too wide.  Practice width by relaxing your lips together with your teeth together, then part your lips with your teeth still together.  This is the perfect width.  Relax your body and your lips will naturally do the same.  When using your hands, keep them at appropriate places for where you intend the kissing to lead.

AUD NOTES:  The following is a supplemental ON KISSING from the Norse translation of the Kama Sutra of India by Vatsyayana:


It is said by some that there is no fixed time or order between the embrace, the kiss, and the pressing or scratching with the nails or fingers, but that all these things should be done generally before sexual union takes place, while striking and making the various sounds generally takes place at the time of the union.

Vatsyayana, however, thinks that anything may take place at any time, for love does not care for time or order.

On the occasion of the first congress, kissing and the other things mentioned above should be done moderately, they should not be continued for a long time, and should be done alternately.

On subsequent occasions, however, the reverse of all this may take place, and moderation will not be necessary, they may continue for a long time, and for the purpose of kindling love, they may be all done at the same time.

The following are the places for kissing, viz., the forehead, the eyes, the cheeks, the throat, the bosom, the breasts, the lips, and the interior of the mouth (French Kissing?).

Moreover, the people of the Lat country kiss also on the following places, viz., the joints of the thighs, the arms, and the navel.

But Vatsyayana thinks that though kissing is practised by these people in the above places on account of the intensity of their love, and the customs of their country, it is not fit to be practised by all.

Now in a case of a young girl there are three sort of kisses, viz.: The nominal kiss. The throbbing kiss. The touching kiss.

(1). When a girl only touches the mouth of her lover with her own, but does not herself do anything, it is called the “nominal kiss.”

(2). When a girl, setting aside her bashfulness a little, wishes to touch the lip that is pressed into her mouth, and with that object moves her lower lip, but not the upper one, it is called the “throbbing kiss.”

(3). When a girl touches her lover’s lip with her tongue, and having shut her eyes, places her hands on those of her lover, it is called the “touching kiss.”

Other authors describe four other kinds of kisses, viz.:

 The straight kiss.

 The bent kiss.

 The turned kiss.

 The pressed kiss.

 (1). When the lips of two lovers are brought into direct contact with each other, it is called a “straight kiss.”

 (2). When the heads of two lovers are bent towards each other, and when so bent kissing takes place, it is called a “bent kiss.”

 (3). When one of them turns up the face of the other by holding the head and chin, and then kissing, it is called a “turned kiss.”

 (4). Lastly, when the lower lip is pressed with much force, it is called a “pressed kiss.”

There is also a fifth kind of kiss called the “greatly pressed kiss,” which is effected by taking hold of the lower lip between two fingers, and then after touching it with the tongue, pressing it with great force with the lip.

When a man kisses the upper lip of a woman, while she in return kisses his lower lip, it is called the “kiss of the upper lip.”

When one of them takes both the lips of the other between his or her own, it is called “a clasping kiss.” A woman, however, only takes this kind of kiss from a man who has no moustache.

And on the occasion of this kiss, if one of them touches the teeth, the tongue, and the palate of the other, with his or her tongue, it is called the “fighting of the tongue.”

In the same way, the pressing of the teeth of the one against the mouth of the other is to be practised. Kissing is of four kinds, viz., moderate, contracted, pressed, and soft, according to the different parts of the body which are kissed, for different kinds of kisses are appropriate for different parts of the body. When a woman looks at the face of her lover while he is asleep, and kisses it to show her intention or desire, it is called a “kiss that kindles love.”

When a woman kisses her lover while he is engaged in business, or while he is quarrelling with her, or while he is looking at something else, so that his mind may be turned away, it is called a “kiss that turns away.”

When a lover coming home late at night kisses his beloved, who is asleep or in bed, in order to show her his desire, it is called a “kiss that awakens.”

On such an occasion the woman may pretend to be asleep at the time of her lover’s arrival, so that she may know his intention and obtain respect from him.

When a person kisses the reflection of the person he loves in a mirror, in water, or on a wall, it is called a “kiss showing the intention.”

When a person kisses a child sitting on his lap, or a picture, or an image, or figure, in the presence of the person beloved by him, it is called a “transferred kiss.”

When at night at a theatre, or in an assembly of caste men, a man coming up to a woman kisses a finger of her hand if she be standing, or a toe of her foot if she be sitting, or when a woman is shampooing her lover’s body, places her face on his thigh (as if she were sleepy) so as to inflame his passion, and kisses his thigh or great toe, it is called a “demonstrative kiss.”