Copyright by Brian Howard Seibert

(Circa 867 AD)

“And his shield was called Hrae’s Ship’s Round,

                             And his followers were called the Hraes’.”

                        Eyvinder Skald-Despoiler;  Skaldskaparmal.

Possible Chapter (Work in Progress – Will Require Much Research):

Instead of going back to Europe with Prince Hraerik, Arrow Oddi and his men take Watseka and her son south with them to winter in the newfound land below the great lakes and they travel in Fair Faxi and their Nor’Way ships down the valley of the mound builders, down the great river that would lead them to the gulf of the Maya.  This chapter shall be fleshed out to show the culture of the native mound builders of the Mississippi River Valley.  It shall be an exploration of the use of slavery in North America, starting in the northern tributaries with no mounds nor slavery, moving south with mounds being built by free people living atop them for defence, then further south with huge mounds being built by slaves and used by wealthy trading natives for defence and religion and finally in the Gulf of Mexico, stone pyramids of the Mayan trade centers used for mercantile, religion and human sacrifice.  Through it all, the Norwegians manage to keep their weapons and their fleet intact though outnumbered and a long way from home.  It is Vikings in the mid-west of America.

As Oddi works his way back north in the spring and they get back to the Gitchee River and the Algonquin village, where they refloat their dragonships, and he bids farewell to Watseka and the two Ahanus, his son and the Chieftain.  It shall be foreshadowed that Prince Hraerik would someday return there, to the Michi Gan territory.

When Oddi and his fleet head north to New Ireland, they discover that King Frodi and his men have built a fortress on the southern tip of the island from which to watch and wait for him.  They skirt around the fortress and head back towards Europe.