Donald Trumpf and Mein Kampf

The election of Donald Trump was empowered by the wealth and fame generated by his reality television show, ‘The Apprentice’. I tried watching a season of the show, but it soon became apparent to me that there was nothing to be learned from it….just another case of a rich man’s son trying to teach others how to be successful in business….have a rich dad!

While watching a more educational show, ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’, I heard Bill state that Donald Trump had never read a book.  I found this hard to believe and became determined to deduce what book, if any, Donald Trump may have read in his seventy plus years of experience on this planet.  Surely the Dean of Trump U must have read one volume of literature cover to cover.  Surely somebody who had just been elected President of the United States of America must have read at least one book in order to get elected.  Perhaps ‘The Prince’ by Machiavelli?  Or George Orwell’s ‘1984’?  But after watching Trump’s speeches and tweets on crime and immigration and borders and his bragging up of dictators and running down of allies, I came to the conclusion that, if Donald Trump had ever read a book cover to cover, it would have been ‘Mein Kampf’.

While I have read the former two books, I have never read the latter, and I have no intentions of doing so, even from a research perspective.  So I googled it.  Thank you internet and thank you Wikipedia……my check is in the mail.  When Adolf Hitler wrote ‘Mein Kampf’ it immediately became a best seller and sold a million copies, generating its author wealth and fame that he used to help himself become Chancellor of Germany.  Sound familiar?  After Donald Trump went bankrupt in the ‘90s, he embarked on a personal campaign of getting himself into the limelight as much as possible, culminating in his success in the new reality TV era with ‘The Apprentice’.  And the fame and the millions he earned with the show helped him become President of the United States.

Wiki says that in ‘Mein Kampf’, Hitler explained his reasons for anti-Semitism, painting a picture of Jews as a threat to German national security.  As a fascist, he needed an enemy to focus hatred upon, and the Jews were an identifiable target.  Trump has used Muslims as a focal point for hatred, a threat to American national security.

Hitler’s platform included being tough on crime.  He promised to clean up Berlin and did so at the expense of individual freedoms.  Trump, too, has promised to be tough on crime, in a country that already has the highest incarceration rate in the world, thanks largely to a lifelong war on drugs.  It is that very drug war that has turned Mexico and Guatemala into the dangerous countries that refugees are fleeing from.  It is the American addict that is providing the gangs with the money to pose a threat to the everyday citizens of Central America.  And it is Donald Trump that wants to deprive them of their rightful refugee acceptance process, culminating in the brutal separation of refugee parents from their children.  Hitler also separated parents from their children in barbed wire extermination camps that looked a lot like the refugee induction centers we are seeing on American television now.  A classic case of bad TV being followed by worse TV.

Hitler’s plan also called for strong borders, borders meant for keeping people in, not out.  Trump is also strong on borders and he wants to build a wall. After Hitler’s Third Reich collapsed in a hail of death and destruction, the Russians, too, wanted to build a wall….in East Germany and, no doubt, all were told it was to keep West Germans out.

While Trump decries Fake News, Hitler cried Fuch News!  His adjutant, Goebbels completely controlled news media within Germany……something that Trump may find admirable in a strong leader.  Much to the surprise of many Americans, it is taking all the checks and balances of the constitution to ensure freedom of the press in America these days.

But it was this very Fake News that got Trump elected in the first place.

The president claims that the Russians did not meddle in the 2016 US election, yet Mueller’s investigation has led to numerous arrests and charges against Russians involved in Fake News internet sites in which Russian hackers were promoting Trump, posing as American political organizations involved in the election process. The Donald claims there was no collusion, but anybody who has been watching Trump’s ‘soft mafia’ business style knows he has been financed by Russian ‘bankers’ for decades.  Hitler also colluded with Russia, setting up a secret non-aggression pact with them which he broke with the terminally fated operation Barbarossa.

Donald Trump claims there was no collusion with Russia, but it would not be the first time that the Republicans have colluded with a foreign power to win a federal election.  ‘The Vietnam War: A Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’, Episode Seven, details how Richard Nixon, the Republican candidate for the presidency in the 1968 election, telephoned the President of South Vietnam, Nguyen Van Thieu, just days before the vote and promised him a better deal if he held off joining in on the Paris peace talks until after the election.  Thieu refused to join in on the talks and Nixon won by a hair.  But Nixon was caught on tape by the CIA making deals with foreign powers to alter the results of an American election, a treasonous offence.  The Agency had bugged the South Vietnamese president’s office, but when President Lyndon Johnson learned of it, he could not make it known to the public without having their ally in South East Asia learn of the CIA’s involvement.  Was President Obama in a similar predicament when he learned of the Trump Campaign’s involvement with Russians.  How do you expose treasonous candidates without exposing your own intelligence agencies?  “The American public was never told that the (South Vietnamese) regime for which 35,000 Americans had died had been willing to boycott peace talks to help elect Richard Nixon, or that he had been willing to delay an end to the bloodshed in order to get elected.”1 Who knows how much sooner the war could have ended had Nixon not been obligated to provide the corrupt South Vietnamese government with a better peace deal?  How many lives could have been saved?  Does Obama have similar information on Trump that will only be revealed 25 years from now when it becomes available under the Freedom of Information Act?

It is hard to imagine Donald Trump’s presidency ending any better than Richard Nixon’s.

The world right now seems to be stepping back seventy-nine years, as post Brexit Britain is standing alone while Europe is, once more, dominated by Germany, with Russia becoming increasingly isolated, China and Japan eyeing each other across a partitioned Korea and the United States withdrawing into another bout of isolationism with Trump’s Make America Great Again campaign.  This is all shaping up ten years after another bout of Great Depression, yet again caused by a fraudulent American stock and banking system.  Deja vu?

I quit watching ‘The Apprentice’ because it was a gong show.  I would seriously consider doing the same for present American politics, but “I really do care and so should U.”  I have always marvelled at the horrendous price the German people paid, the world paid, for letting down their guard and electing a Fascist Chancellor, a price paid in blood and horrible scars.  It is time that the American people took responsibility for the poor quality of the presidents they have been electing for years.  I haven’t seen a decent qualified president since JFK, Barrack Obama perhaps excepted were it not for the suspicion I have that Freddy Grey voted for him.

By the end of World War Two, Hitler had sold ten million copies of ‘Mein Kampf’, but it mattered little as his body burned in the shattered streets of Berlin.

Not to be outdone, the Donald has leveraged ‘The Apprentice’ into the ‘Apprenticeship of Duddy Trump, POTUS of America’. But the top office of the most powerful country of the world, a country that has always been great, is no place for an apprentice.  Especially one without a mentor.

And, oh yeah, when was America greatest? In 1969, when Neil Armstrong took one small step for man.  Isn’t it about time America delivered on its promise of a giant leap for mankind?  Let’s take the money we are wasting on war and use it for a manned mission to Mars.  We may need a backup world.

November is fast approaching and Americans will have a chance to end the reign this pathologically lying megalomaniacal president.  Please do so.  This world is begging.



1 Ken Burns, Lynn Novick, The Vietnam War: A Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’, Episode 7 (Washington, D.C.: Florentine Films, 2017), Ep.7, 0:51:12.



Ken Burns, Lynn Novick, The Vietnam War: A Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’, (Washington, D.C.: Florentine Films, 2017).


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