THE ART OF WAR by SUN TZU WU has been added to Our Site


THE ART OF WAR by SUN TZU WU has been added to Our Site

I have just posted a first draft of ‘THE ART OF WAR’ by SUN TZU WU  (Circa 500-430 BC) as translated “Into the Anglish Norse of Alcuin” by Hraerik ‘Bragi’ Hraegunarson of Gardariki and General Sun Wu of Tmutorokan to the website under the Book Heading of that name.

Sun Tzu Wu in Japan by Wiki

THE ART OF WAR  by Sun Tzu Wu  (Circa 500-430 BC)

Prince Hraerik Bragi of Gardariki and General Sun Wu of Tmutorokan translated ‘THE ART OF WAR’ by General Sun Tzu Wu of Qi into the Anglish Norse of Alcuin in 960 AD.  We have just added the work to our list of books available to read for free.  We shall soon be adding a Byzantine Manual of War, translated from the Greek by the Prince in 958 AD.  Please feel free to view and add comments.

We had a little fun with this one and we added some Hraes’ commentary to the translation.  The original Art of War had thirteen chapters and Vikings and Varangians avoided the thirteenth anything like the plague, so they turned Chapter XII into XI.V and made the thirteenth chapter, Chapter XII.  Also, the translation was set in the Trebuchet Font in honour of the Chinese invention of the original trebuchet but, unfortunately, the Trebuchet Font wasn’t available from Word Press.

The Art of War printed on Bamboo Slats by Wiki

See “The VARANGIANS Series” by Brian Howard Seibert at for more on this decidedly distinct take on the Vikings of Northern Europe and the Varangians of Rus’ (Russia).


Book One, “The Saga of Hraerik ‘Bragi’ Hraegunarson,” recreates Book Five of Saxo’s work to show how Erik Ragnarson was Rurik of Novgorod and also illuminate the origins of the name Rus’ and how it evolved from Hraes’ in ninth century Russia and how the name Varangians originally meant Va Rangers or Way Wanderers of the Nor’Way.

Book Two, “The Saga of Helgi ‘Arrow Odd’ Hraerikson,” recreates Arrow Odd’s Saga of c. 1200 to illustrate how Arrow Odd was Prince Helgi (Oleg in Slavic) Hraerikson of Kiev

Book Three, “The Saga of Ivar ‘the Boneless’ Hraerikson,” reveals how Ivar the Boneless Ragnarson was actually Prince Ivar (Igor in Slavic) Hraerikson of Kiev and then King Harde Knute of Denmark.

Book Four, “The Saga of Svein ‘the Old’ Ivarson,” demonstrates how Prince Svein ‘the Old’ (Slavic: Sviatoslav ‘the Brave’) of Kiev later moved to Norway and fought to become King Sweyn Forkbeard of Denmark.  But before being forced out of Russia, he sated his battle lust by crushing the Khazars and attacking the great great grandfather of Vlad the Impaler in a bloody campaign into the Heart of Darkness of Wallachia against the Army of the Impalers and their 666 salute.  The campaign was so mortifying that the fifteen thousand pounds of gold that the Emperor of Constantinople paid him to attack them seemed not nearly enough, so Prince Svein attacked the Eastern Roman Empire itself.  He came so close to defeating the greatest empire in the world, that later Danish Christian Kings would call his saga, and the sagas of his kin, “The Lying Sagas of Denmark” and set out to destroy them.

Book Five, “The Saga of Valdamar ‘the Great’ Sveinson”, establishes how Grand Prince Vladimir ‘the Great’ of Kiev was also known as Prince Valdamar Sveinson of Gardar, who supported his father, Sweyn Forkbeard, in attacks upon England and later became King Canute ‘the Great’ of England and also King Knute ‘the Great’ of Denmark and Norway

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