King IVAR the BONELESS was Prince IVAR (Igor) of KIEV and his son


I have just posted a first draft of Chapter 17,  ‘THE SUMMONING OF THORGERDER HELGIBRUDER’ of “The Saga of Svein ‘the Old’ Ivarson” Book Four to the website SeiberTeck.com under the Book Heading of that name.

Thorgerder Helgibruder by J. Nystrom 1895

Book 4, Chapter 17, ‘THE SUMMONING OF THORGERDER HELGIBRUDER’  (Circa 980-986 AD): 

Please Note: This website is about Vikings and Varangians and the way they lived over a thousand years ago.  The content is as explicit as Vikings of that time were and scenes of violence and sexuality are depicted without reservation or apology.  Reader discretion is advised.

Young Grand Prince Valdamar is building up his covey of wives by attacking surrounding countries and taking them.  While taking a new young wife in Poland he overheard of a plot by King Harald ‘Blue Tooth’ Gormson of Denmark to pay the Jomsvikings of Wollin to attack his father, Prince Sweyn Forkbeard in Lade so, he takes three of his wives and they go to Norway to warn him.  Prince Sweyn has been spending the last few years running the family business, the Hraes’ Trading Company, trading the goods of Northern Europe through Kiev to Baghdad and Constantinople and parts further east and attacking Angleland and Ireland in his spare time to acquire slaves for that trade.

(986)  While preparing for the attack by the Jomsvikings, Jarl Haakon has warned his eastern princes of the fierceness of the Jom warriors and he has decided to use witchcraft to give the Norse the advantage.  He arranges to have the witch, Hallveig, summon the shieldmaiden goddess, Thorgerder Helgibruder, from Valhalla to assist in the upcoming battle.  He sends Prince Sweyn and Jarl Eirik to Hell with Hallveig to summon and pay the goddess for the favour.  Haakon was getting too old for the extreme rigours of the sacrifice so; he sent the younger men in his stead.

When Sweyn gets to Hell he reacquaints himself with Emma, Hallveig’s beautiful young apprentice healer and the young son, Svein, he has had with her.  They have sex once before the midnight sacrifice and Emma cuts him off, warning him that he must save his stamina for the sexual rigours of the sacrifice.  Twelve children chant to raise spirits as Hallveig directs the Warlock Songs and they stay with their chanting in the highseat hall while Emma leads the men into the master suite of the hall and two young virgins are brought in for sacrifice.

The men are drugged and the young girls are plied with mystic herbs and Hallveig and Emma direct a pagan ritual that sacrifices the young girls as Haakon has required.  Sweyn and Eirik are helpless to stop the killings and then together are forced to join the Theban Sacred Band of Brothers.  Prince Sweyn is pissed…

Book Four, “The Saga of Svein ‘the Old’ Ivarson,” demonstrates how Prince Svein ‘the Old’ (Slavic: Sviatoslav ‘the Brave’) of Kiev later moved to Norway and fought to become King Sweyn Forkbeard of Denmark.  But before being forced out of Russia, he sated his battle lust by crushing the Khazars and attacking the great great grandfather of Vlad the Impaler in a bloody campaign into the Heart of Darkness of Wallachia against the Army of the Impalers and their 666 salute.  The campaign was so mortifying that the fifteen thousand pounds of gold that the Emperor of Constantinople paid him to attack them seemed not nearly enough, so Prince Svein attacked the Eastern Roman Empire itself.  He came so close to defeating the greatest empire in the world, that later Danish Christian Kings would call his saga, and the sagas of his kin, “The Lying Sagas of Denmark” and set out to destroy them.

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