President Vladimir Putin,  Please Cease and Desist (aka The $50,000,000 Reward and Our Trip to The Hague)

Dear President Vladimir Putin,

Please cease and desist your illegal and undeclared war on the Sovereign Ukraine!

Count Vladimir as one of my supporters on my ‘The Varangians’ series of books is one thing I would like to do, however, that is NOT likely to happen.

Count Vladimir as one of my supporters on my ‘The Lying Sagas of Denmark’ series might be a possibility, but is also unlikely.

Both series, in their own very disparate ways, attempt to prove that Ancient Kievan Rus’ (Ukraine) was founded by the ancient Skioldung line of Danish kings, the King Fridlief-Frodi line of kings from Jelling in Jutland, Denmark.

I would like to make President Vladimir Putin an offer:  If he will cease and desist his attack upon the Sovereign Ukraine, I shall cease further work on my Book Series.

At present, the five book series covers only Ukraine and Belarus’ history.  I would have to add another five books to each series in order to take the histories of each far enough into the ancient future to cover the founding of Muscovy and Russian history.  But I am fully willing to do that and prove that it was Swedish kings that were passed the baton and led the founding of the Russia that Vladimir Putin knows today.

Count Vladimir as one of my supporters on my ‘The Lying Sagas of Sweden’ five book series? It is also very unlikely to happen.

So, if President Vladimir Putin will cease and desist his attack upon the Sovereign Ukraine, I shall cease further work on this Book Series.

But, oops, I have said it.  The original founders of Ukraine Rus’ are half Danish and half Poljane and Drevjane Slav in ethnicity.  And the original founders of Muscovite Russia are part Swedish and half Murom Slav and this happened hundreds of years after the founding of Kievan Rus’.  So Vladimir Putin of Moscow has no more right to annex the Ukraine (Kievan Rus’) than he had to annex the Crimea (Tmutorokan), as they were both Sovereign Polities long before his Russia even existed.

Such misguided notions of rights of possession are what has caused so much of our past history to be revised or even burned.  When Prince Ivar (Igor) ‘the Boneless’ of Kiev returned to Denmark from Kievan Rus’ to reclaim his rightful crown from the elected King Hiarn, he became King Harde Knute I of Denmark, and he started a cycle of reverse conquest, colonies coming back to conquer their founding parent countries, that persisted for generations to follow.

His son, Prince Svein ‘the Old’ Ivarson (Sveinald or Sviatoslav in the Slavic) of Kiev returned to Denmark as Prince Sweyn ‘Forkbeard’ to take the Crown of Denmark back from his nephew, King Gorm ‘the Old’s son, King Harald ‘Bluetooth’, at the famous Battle of Hjorungavagr in 986 AD.  By Aesir rights of succession, the younger brother of Gorm ‘the Old’ had priority wearing the crown over any son of Gorm’s.  It was a case of reverse Amleth (Hamlet) whereby the nephew had usurped the throne from the uncle.  King Sweyn went on to take control of Norway by defeating King Olaf Tryggvason at the Battle of Svolder in 1000 AD.  And, after the English slaughter of Anglish Danes (the St. Brice’s Day Massacre) in 1002 AD, he went on to conquer England with the help of his son, Prince Valdamar (Volodymyr or Vladimir) of Kiev in 1013 AD.  But King Sweyn ‘Forkbeard’ of England died in early 1014, likely poisoned by the English.

Prince Valdamar ‘the Great’ Sveinson was declared king by his army, but not by the English, who considered the prince to be too Orthodox and too Eastern, and reclaimed the prior King Athelred as their leader.  The prince retreated back to Kiev to get more Rus’ legions.  Prince Valdamar ‘the Great’ returned to England in 1016 AD and he defeated the English army at the Battle of Assandun and was declared the more acceptably named King Canute ‘the Great’ in London and he ruled there until his natural death in 1035.

Prince Valdamar had demonstrated the power of Kievan Rus’ and the danger of reverse conquest so, the Danes decided to bury their past before their past came back to bury them.  The great schism between Latin and Orthodox Christianity provided opportunity and existing pagan historical sagas were called the ‘Lying Sagas of Denmark’ and were burned and the narratives were controlled much as they are to this very day.

The misguided historical connotations of President Vladimir Putin exemplify the dangers inherent in flawed history that has allowed him to attempt to justify his unlawful and undeclared attack upon Ukraine.  So often it is said that, “those who do not study their history are likely to repeat it,” but, what if their history has been fabricated by religious zealots who claim to know what is best for ‘Christians’?  Are the learned then also doomed to repeat their history?

President Vladimir Putin and the $50,000,000 Reward and Our Trip to The Hague:

Another Canadian has just tabled an offer regarding President Putin:

‘A B.C. businessman has offered $1 million in seed money for a $50-million reward for whoever brings Russian President Vladimir Putin to the International Criminal Court for trial as a war criminal.

“He’s a crazy dictator and we have to stop that,” Vikram Bajwa told J Hainsworth of Glacier Media. “It’s also a good way to support Ukraine.”

“I encourage other Canadians/Americans to join me and match/increase the award to $50 million … for his arrest and conviction,” Bajwa said.’

Perhaps I can help with this offer.  Since Canada is no stranger to The Hague (we are being investigated for human rights abuses, particularly native rights abuses among many others), I am offering to escort President Putin to The Hague and to act in his defence (and collect the $50,000,000 of course, and I’m hoping it’s US$, not Cdn$), even though I am completely unqualified for the task, being an English Major with Art and Design and History minors.  But Vladimir Putin graduated with a Law Degree from the State University of Saint Petersburg (or as Vlad likes to call it: Leningrad), so I am going to be counting on his input in this.  I would like to file a claim in The Hague on my own anyway.  And I’m hoping he can help me with that as well.  So often it is also said that, “those who represent themselves in court have an idiot for a client.”  By helping each other, Vlad and I can avoid this sort of byname.  President Vladimir ‘the Idiot’ Putin just doesn’t have the same ring to it that President Volodymyr ‘the Great’ Zelensky has.

“The VARANGIANS” Series:

‘The Varangians’ series of five books is about the Danish Varangian Princes of early Rus’ (Russia), based on The Nine Books of Danish History of Saxo Grammaticus and the Russian Primary Chronicle of Nestor.  The Russian monk Nestor asserts that Rus’ was founded by three brothers, Rurik, Sineus and Truvor, but the Danish names in Book 5 of Saxo’s work are Erik, Sigfrodi (King Frodi) and Roller, three brothers from Denmark and Norway.

Book One of the five book Varangians Series places the Saga of King Frodi the Peaceful from Book Five of The First Nine Books of the Danish History of Saxo Grammaticus (c. 1200) into its proper chronological location in history.  In 1984, when I first started the book, I had placed the main character, Erik’s (Hraerik’s) birth at circa 800 CE, but have since revised it to 810 to better fit with the timelines of the following books in the series.  Saxo had originally placed the saga at the time of Christ’s birth and later experts have placed the story at about 400 CE to correspond with the arrival of the Huns on the European scene but when Attila was driven back to Asia, the Huns didn’t just disappear, they joined the Khazar Empire north of the Caspian Sea and helped the Khazars control the western end of the famous Silk Road trade route.

When King Frodi’s Danes started their ninth century ‘Southern Way’ incursions into the rivers of present day Russia, they ran into the Khazar Khaganate that was controlling Silk Road trade there and cooperation looked promising when he married King Hun’s daughter, Princess Hanund.  But she cheated on him and he sent her back to Khazaria in disgrace and things got ugly, fast.  Two Norwegian princes, Hraerik and Hraelauger Hraegunarson, sons of the famous Hraegunar Lothbrok, visited Frodi’s court in Liere with a dangerous plan to protect their own Nor’Way trade route to Khazaria, but that plan changed when Prince Hraerik fell in love with and married Princess Gunwar, King Frodi’s sister.

When news arrived in Liere that the Huns planned to attack Denmark, Prince Hraerik convinced King Frodi to assemble a Varangian Army of the North and lead a pre-emptive strike against the Khazar Empire.  Following the capture of Kiev, the three brothers, Frodi, Hraerik and Hraelauger established the Hraes’ (Rus’) Trading Company and built an empire that exists in many forms to this very day, including Russia, Normandy, Great Britain and L’Anse Aux Meadows in America.  The wealth of the Hraes’ Trading Empire they created powered the prolific Viking expansion in Medieval Europe that still fascinates us today.

Book One, “The Saga of Hraerik ‘Bragi’ Hraegunarson,” recreates Book Five of Saxo’s work to illuminate the origins of the name Rus’ and how it evolved from Hraes’ in ninth century Russia and how the name Varangians originally meant Va Rangers or Way Wanderers of the Nor’Way.  The book examines the death of Princess Gunwar (Hervor) at the hands of the Hunnish Prince Hlod and how it drives Prince Hraerik ‘Bragi the Old’ Hraegunarson to write a famous poem of praise that both saves his head and rallies the northern kingdoms to fight the infamous Battle of the Goths and the Huns on the Don Plain of Gardariki (Gnita Heath of Tmutorokan).

Book Two, “The Saga of Helgi ‘Arrow Odd’ Hraerikson,” recreates Arrow Odd’s Saga of c. 1200 to illustrate how Arrow Odd was Prince Helgi (Oleg in Slavic) Hraerikson of Kiev, by showing that their identical deaths from the bite of a snake was more than just coincidence.  The book investigates the true death of Hraegunar Lothbrok by poisoned blood-snakes and how his curse of ‘calling his young porkers to avenge the old boar’ sets up a death spiral between swine (Sveinald) and snakes (Gorm ‘the Old’) that lasts for generations.  It then goes on to depict the famous Battle of the Berserks on Samso, where Arrow Odd and Hjalmar the Brave slay the twelve berserk grandsons of King Frodi on the Danish Island of Samso, setting up a death struggle that takes the Great Pagan Army of the Danes from the ravaged coast of Norway to England and on to Helluland in Saint Brendan’s Newfoundland.

Book Three, “The Saga of Ivar ‘the Boneless’ Hraerikson,” reveals how Ivar the Boneless Ragnarson was actually Prince Eyfur (Igor in Slavic) Hraerikson of Kiev and then King Harde Knute of Denmark.  By comparing a twenty year lacuna in the reign of Prince Igor in the Russian Chronicles with a coinciding twenty year appearance of a King Harde Knute I (Hard Knot) of Denmark in European Chronicles, Prince Igor’s death by sprung trees, which reportedly tore his legs off, may have rather just left him a boneless and very angry young king.  Loyal Danes claimed, “It was a hard knot indeed that sprung those trees,” but his conquered English subjects, not being quite as polite, called him, “Ivar the Boneless”.

Book Four, “The Saga of Svein ‘the Old’ Ivarson,” demonstrates how Prince Sviatoslav ‘the Brave’ of Kiev was really Prince Svein Eyfurson of Kiev, who later moved to Norway and fought to become King Sweyn Forkbeard of Denmark and England.  But before being forced out of Russia, the Swine Prince sated his battle lust by crushing the Khazars and attacking the great great grandfather of Vlad the Impaler in a bloody campaign into the Heart of Darkness of Wallachia that seemed to herald the coming of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse with the 666 Salute of the Army of the Impalers.  The campaign was so mortifying that the fifteen thousand pounds of gold that the Emperor of Constantinople paid him to attack the Army of the Impalers seemed not nearly enough, so Prince Svein attacked the Eastern Roman Empire itself.  He came so close to defeating the greatest empire in the world, that later Danish Christian Kings would call his saga, and the sagas of his kin, “The Lying Sagas of Denmark” and would set out to destroy them, claiming that, “true Christians will never read this saga”.

Book Five, “The Saga of Valdamar ‘the Great’ Sveinson”, establishes how Grand Prince Vladimir ‘the Great’ of Kiev was also known as Prince Valdamar Sveinson of Gardar, who supported his father, Sweyn ‘Forkbeard’, in attacks upon England and later became King Canute ‘the Great’ of England and also King Knute ‘the Great’ of Denmark and Norway.  Unlike his father, he came to the aid of a Roman Emperor, leading six thousand picked Varangian cataphracts against Anatolian rebels, and was rewarded with the hand of Princess Anna Porphyrogennetos, a true Roman Princess born of the purple who could trace her bloodline back to Julius and Augustus Caesar.  She was called Czarina, and after her, all Rus’ Grand Princes were called Czars and their offspring were sought matrimonially by European royalty.


By recreating the lives of four generations of Russian Princes and exhibiting how each generation, in succession, later ascended to their inherited thrones in Denmark, the author proves the parallels of the dual rules of Russian Princes and Danish Kings to be cumulatively more than just coincidence.  And the author proves that the Danish Kings Harde Knute I, Gorm ‘the Old’ and Harald ‘Bluetooth’ Gormson/Sweyn ‘Forkbeard’ were not Stranger Kings, but were Danes of the Old Jelling Skioldung Fridlief/Frodi line of kings who only began their princely careers in Rus’ and returned to their kingly duties in Denmark with a lot of Byzantine Roman ideas and heavy cavalry and cataphracts.

2 thoughts on “President Vladimir Putin,  Please Cease and Desist (aka The $50,000,000 Reward and Our Trip to The Hague)

  1. To president Putin,

    Please I beg of you! Have mercy on those people. Do an act of kindness. I know you have a heart! Please seize the war. Stop hurting children with cancer. Your never going to heaven.

    Christine v scott

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  2. Pick you up on a few read points. Firstly Putin is not a Russian he was born in Georgia a free state now. 2 No such historic record relates to a Jesus being born to Joe and Mary nor was there a census invented at that time for they and a donkey to travel the 8 miles down hill to Bethlehem to sign anything. Putin is war monger a greedy bastard and an evil Satan who will be judged by God and hopefully before mankind too to be flogged by Ukraine mothers and widows of his flesh and them allowed to bleed to death in oil on fire. Nothing close to what he is guilty of to others but is start

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