Portable Container Pool House or Cabana

It is always refreshing to cool off in a pool on a hot sunny day, but it can be more relaxing to do it in the shade!  This portable container pool house provides shade, shelter and a natural water collection system for pool make-up water.  © Design is copyright protected.

© Copyright by Brian Howard Seibert

Model of an 8’x20′ Container Style Portable Pool House Cabana ©

For a 16′ wide x 36′ long Above Ground Pool


          Designer: Brian Howard Seibert, B.A.

          Area: 800 Sq. Ft.

          Year: 2022

          Photographs: Brian Howard Seibert

          Manufacturers : Avalanche

© Copyright by Brian Howard Seibert

The Container Package can be offloaded from Truck or Trailer,

as it uses an 8′ x 9’6″ high x 20′ long Shipping Container as its Support Structure

© Copyright by Brian Howard Seibert

An Assembly Crew begins by fanning out the roof structure

© Copyright by Brian Howard Seibert

Using regular house construction 2×4 wall jacks they raise the roof

The floor is then rolled out across a level lawn or sand base

And the sloped support columns are bolted into place

© Copyright by Brian Howard Seibert

Once the structure is in place it may be staked down using screw piles

At the lower container corners.  Four small screw piles should suffice for normal winds

© Copyright by Brian Howard Seibert

There is an 8′ clearance between the Pool Cabana floor and the lower overhead beam

Head bump warnings and padding may be provided depending on the pool depth

© Copyright by Brian Howard Seibert

A roof water collection system may be set up to collect fresh water when it rains

© Copyright by Brian Howard Seibert

Pool water filtration and conditioning systems may be added to one end of the unit

Lighting, Music and Entertainment systems may be added as well.

© Copyright by Brian Howard Seibert

Set up Above Ground Pool kit, add Pool Ladder to Open End and Fill with Water

© Copyright by Brian Howard Seibert

Add Children and Enjoy

Pool House/Cabana Ideas:

There are many swimming pool features that help add to the fun factor of this system.  Install a diving board, slide or spray system to add to the enjoyment of swimming, and add water volleyball hoops and nets, floats, toys and loungers for added relaxation.  Pool isolation safety nets and cabana doors must be added for the safety of small children.

In the winter the Pool House may be folded up and rolled on wheels to a corner of the yard awaiting Spring.

Or better yet, depending on the ages of your children, a short liner may replace the pool liner and the pool floor may be flooded to make a skating/hockey rink!

On our next post, we shall modify the above pool house design into a Full Pool House with Hot Tub, Shower and BBQ Area!

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